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House in da’ House.

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One of my favorite unintentional laugh riot horror films is both from Japan and the 70’s.

House (or Hausu) is playing at the Asian Film Festival and do to the fact that it is hilarious and amazing, keeps getting shows added.  I implore you to go see it or netflix it. There are really no words to describe it…SO, as I often do, I will let youtube do it for me.

Both clips are worth a watch and will most definitely guarantee this movie a low-numbered spot in your queue.

Here’s the trailer:

And, Here’s an extended clip:


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All theories are welcome.



(click the thumbnail to see the Dummy Monster up close)

Don’t worry, I used both  “melty faces” and “ouchies!” tag.

Also, regarding the MIA song link below, somehow the song changed from being new in the morning to the classic Paper Planes (It was probably the dummy monster). So, no knew song, which is a bummer. But everyone, really everyone should enjoy a little bang bang bang bang ching take your money.