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A City in a Glass

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A carefully made cocktail list with both eternal and new classics. Camper’s list helps explain what makes San Fransisco a great cocktail town. The Irish Coffee is there, yes, but so is another Bay Area original, the Pisco Punch. New classics like the Chartreuse Swizzle and the Cable Car are there too. Then there’s a good representation of the new school with drinks from Beretta and Bourbon & Branch. A job well done. Cheers!


Yes, LA

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Come visit some time…

GQ – 10 Reasons Why L.A. Is the Coolest City on the Planet

Wie schön das ist!

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Motown Around the World (on NPR)


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California is a Place make the documentaries I’d want to make. Both fascinating and human. Sadly, their website doesn’t have any interesting info on it so all I can say is stay tuned. It seems like more vignettes are on the way.  Above and below are two of my favorites.  There’s four total and the other two are worth a look too. Continue reading

The Dead Zone

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“Freaks, geeks, and rebels have got a very, very strange advantage. In most things we’re sort of disadvantaged, but society needs us very badly—we’re its eyes and ears, we’re its antenna, we’re the way it stretches out and finds new things.”

Coast to Coast AM is a show that often gets laughed at. Yes, it is about x-files stuff, but I think some people are missing the point. Putting on George Noory at night is a different type of “suspension of disbelief”.

There is no chupacabra? Then what about this?

Coast to Coast is always a case of believe it or not, and many times it’s best not to. Blurring the line between real life and entertainment is a big part of the fun with Coast. In a dark recording booth down a quiet hallway in the dead of the night, anything is possible.

The moody new Atlantic article does a wonderful job of finding the appeal of and the problems with coast (George Noory might be the most non-committal host in radio). Read it, then take the time and listen to the show tonight. It’s thrilling, bizzare, and maybe true. Find your station here.

Our Daily Bread

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Peter Reinhart is pretty awesome. I suppose this post mostly appeals to myself, but what the hell? You guys should start making bread as well!

(btw, thomas, i think bread has become the orange of that dream you once had)

“Bread is a transformational food.”

“Midnight in Dostoevsky” / More Monsters

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By Don Delillo. Another steal from the New Yorker this week. And that makes 3 about/from New York this week. All I have to say, I suppose, is that I live on the West Coast. And I live in a big house. And maybe I don’t blog enough.

While I’m at it, I’d also like to introduce my Portland family to the blog. Beth’s joined us already with a good post on pop. And Brad, the last quarter of NE Monroe will hopefully join soon and I’m sure provide a lot of corn. Muahaaa,

Now, THAT said, do you guys remember Wes’s “Dummy Monster” story from way back when? Well, for those that haven’t heard it, ask someone who has or just believe these ones we (Beth) recently found on the interweb. The information highway has become a farily big place, I’d say. Good thing we have this small space to talk about it. I hope to hear from all of you regarding this matter.