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This is all too much for me.

I don’t like how this robot says it loves people, I don’t like how it yearns and I certainly don’t like how it uses phrases like “conspire to take over the world” in casual conversation.


It’s Finally Here

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And by “It,” I mean the jetpack. It’s ridiculously expensive and not that efficient, but the fact that I’ll probably get to use one sometime in my lifetime puts a shit-eating grin on my face. Make sure you watch the video.

Back to the Present

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I’ve talked to you about the LHC before.  There were some worries it’d create a black hole, destroy the earth, ect.  Of course, it turned out those claims were made by a Hawaiian grade school teacher.

This new claim is a bit different.  According to two phisiscists, someone is going back in time and sabotaging the LHC, and they say they have the mathmatical evidence to prove it. They’re claiming that the Higgs boson particle is abhorrent to nature, and therefore someone, or something is trying, and thus far succeding to sabotage the LHC.  There has been everything from freak explosions to terrorist arrests assosiated with the Cern project.  And I didn’t even hear about this on Coast to Coast.  So who know.

You can read about it all here.  There’s even some Cern scientists who say the science is at least valid. Here’s what one of the theorists has to say:

“We already know it is not very likely to be true. If the LHC actually succeeds in discovering the Higgs boson, I guess we will have to think again.”

Here’s hoping.


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For those of you who weren’t fortunate enough to be in the Southern California area this past Spring, here is a chance to take a peek at the latest masterpiece from one of the fastest growing voices in film. Emett Casey’s Peter & the Mischievous Hanky blew audiences away during it’s premiere screening at the Marion Knott Studios so much that it was cordially asked to re-screen the very next month!

Take a gander for yourself – and if that doesn’t satisfy your gutteral and filmic urges then feel free to explore our newly expanded website. Stay tuned for more info on a very special screening of Alicia Peterson’s much delayed but all-the-more anticipated Golden Afternoons!

What theater should I expect to see this melodramatic spectacle, you ask? Oh no, put on your boots and pack up your picnic supplies because we’re heading out to the beautiful Tujunga Canyon. Come for the micr0-commercial & home brewed beer in a hand-built kegerator by Mr. Clark Baker and stay for the amazing spectacle of New American Cinema.

Sure, This Deserves It’s Own Post

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Torrenting the New York Times?

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Time has a nice piece about how to fund print journalism.  With journalism being an interesting topic for journalists, I’m sure you’ve at least seen a few items on catastrophic failure of print media and how no one can afford bureaus that can adequately cover the news.  I mean the Chronicle might be loosing a million dollars a week, and it’s the only game in town, as far as SF proper.

I’ve heard people say the Goog might feel charitable and buy a paper (Google’s not a charity and a newspaper isn’t a way to make money), or we should let papers fail and have everyone get their news from bloggers…

A real solution hasn’t come out of any of this brainstorming, but Time gets close.  Internet ad revenue is falling. It really wasn’t paying the bills anyways.  The only real solution might be for there to be an iTunes News.

The article points out that even as the audiences are growing, the papers are still bleeding money.  The news is still considered valuable, but now we’re used to getting it for free.  Many of the new readers are young, and have grown up with free access to information.

Micropayments seem to be one of the few viable solutions, but who’s to stop me from going to download today’s paper illegally.  I mean, it’ll take seconds.  Its not an HD rip of Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties or anything.  iTunes did get people to pay for music downloads, but as far as I know, it was people who didn’t know how to use Napster in the first place.  This will be a hard paradigm to shift.

Well, all that ranting and no solutions from me either.  Man, I need to get a job.

John Maus on Plurality/Singularity and Napping

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