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Recontextualizing “Joy”

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One man talks about what he knows best. And like the last seconds of a good basketball game, makes those crucial points.

Case Study

Posted in animals, black people, The 80s on January 9, 2010 by John

The first clip came from a list of ten amazing sounds here.

Movies and Their Times

Posted in film, The 80s, the past, tubes on September 2, 2009 by John

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Movies and Their Times“, posted with vodpod

If you liked the film related posts I’ve been giving to you the last couple weeks, great, this is for you. An hour long docu-essay on 80s blockbusters and how they mirrored the times. It’s sharp. And a little nostalgic. And good. Basically, it’ll make you reexamine films you take for granted.

Here’s the rest:

Part II




Do check out these guys’ blog The House Next Door. Its not great all the time, but they’re still some of the best blogger/critics around.

I listen. Not to Hollywood. I listen to you.

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While I’m not the biggest John Hughes fan, being that I grew up in the wrong decade, I thought this was as good as a tribute as he could get.  The link and the  title of this post come from letters Hughes wrote to a teenage fan. Alison Fields became pen pals with the director and here she shares some of the advice and thoughts he sent to her.

“As for your English teacher…Do you like the way you write? Please yourself. I’m rather fond of writing. I actually regard it as fun. Do it frequently and see if you can’t find the fun in it that I do.

There’s plenty more and a great story here.  Respects for a commercial autuer in one of Hollywood’s most commercial periods.


UPDATE: Memories from boyhood friend Edward McNally, the ‘real’ Ferris Buller.