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A Smart Guy

Posted in science, tubes with tags , on December 17, 2010 by John

Jessie Thorn talks to Jad Abumrad about what goes into making Radiolab, and no surprise, it’s super thoughtful. He talks a lot about storytelling, words and music; also audio editing, which I was really into.



Posted in NYT linking, science, technology, the future, tubes, women with tags , on July 12, 2010 by John

This is all too much for me.

I don’t like how this robot says it loves people, I don’t like how it yearns and I certainly don’t like how it uses phrases like “conspire to take over the world” in casual conversation.


Back to the Present

Posted in science, the future, the past, travel with tags , , , on October 29, 2009 by John

I’ve talked to you about the LHC before.  There were some worries it’d create a black hole, destroy the earth, ect.  Of course, it turned out those claims were made by a Hawaiian grade school teacher.

This new claim is a bit different.  According to two phisiscists, someone is going back in time and sabotaging the LHC, and they say they have the mathmatical evidence to prove it. They’re claiming that the Higgs boson particle is abhorrent to nature, and therefore someone, or something is trying, and thus far succeding to sabotage the LHC.  There has been everything from freak explosions to terrorist arrests assosiated with the Cern project.  And I didn’t even hear about this on Coast to Coast.  So who know.

You can read about it all here.  There’s even some Cern scientists who say the science is at least valid. Here’s what one of the theorists has to say:

“We already know it is not very likely to be true. If the LHC actually succeeds in discovering the Higgs boson, I guess we will have to think again.”

Here’s hoping.

A Couple Wows

Posted in music, science, supernatural with tags , , , on July 23, 2009 by John

mem cassette

Memory Cassette has put out a free remix EP and every track on there is incredible.  Her debut EP was also given out for free and is on the internet somewhere.


These two illustrations (yes, about aliens) are worth checking out for their wow factor as well.


Posted in A Put It Up Summer, animals, charlamagne, EAST COAST, NYT linking, science, serious sex on June 30, 2009 by kevin

I saw two fireflies while walking around Brooklyn last night and have to say I was fascinated. My neck was craning in ways that probably made me look silly to everyone else around. The New York Times posted a pretty interesting article + video on Firefly mating today.

Apparently, female fireflies generally prefer males with most conspicuous flashes. Drawing further upon this idea, they found that Photurus (a predatory firefly that eats other fireflies) was more likely to notice the males with the brightest flashes as well.  So these bold male fireflies are rewarded for their bravado with the possibility of love making or a decoy bug that “pounces, bites, sucks blood — all the gory stuff.”

In short, the conspicuous flashing simply draws the attention of a Photurus who uses its light to respond in what would be the female version of the affirmative. Death or love awaits the male who takes the chance. For some reason, I found this all very relevant.

On a lighter note, what are your experiences with fireflies? I want to see more.

Venomous Octopi

Posted in animals, science with tags on April 16, 2009 by kevin

It turns out that all octopodes (octopi, octopuses) are venomous. It was once thought that only certain varieties of them were. More on all of this here.

This doesn’t particularly shock me, although I am always on the lookout for just about anything that has to do with the Octopoda order. Apparently, they might be able to use the venom to help create new drugs. All of this is well and good, although it does pain me a little bit to think that the cute guy on the front of my case is harboring venom. This just gives his friendly face a whole new layer of menace.

Big day for news

Posted in 2009, news, science, web chatter with tags on April 1, 2009 by kevin

CERN scientists discover cell that started the Big Bang

The entire internet is being rebooted

The Guardian switches to Twitter “Experts say any story can be told in 140 characters.”

Google introduces Auto Pilot for Gmail and Google Chat.

Even more news here