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A City in a Glass

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A carefully made cocktail list with both eternal and new classics. Camper’s list helps explain what makes San Fransisco a great cocktail town. The Irish Coffee is there, yes, but so is another Bay Area original, the Pisco Punch. New classics like the Chartreuse Swizzle and the Cable Car are there too. Then there’s a good representation of the new school with drinks from Beretta and Bourbon & Branch. A job well done. Cheers!


Wie schön das ist!

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Motown Around the World (on NPR)

A Set of Boccini

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The bocce court in Aquatic Park always seemed like one of San Francisco’s best open secrets. There’s a shed in the corner that’s always locked up. If you take a look inside, there are vintage photos of bocce teams past, and some of the most beautiful balls you’ll ever see.

This all led me to wonder if there actually was a bocce community in the City, maybe just below the surface. Thankfully, the Bold Italic, a sort of locals tourist guide, answered the question for me in the best bocce article you’ll read all week.

The answer is not really.

But there are still some hold outs. The best bocce players in the US are in San Francisco, so that’s something.

If you want to see the rules for the official Volo Bocce, they’re here.

And thanks to friend and photog-blogger of all things San Fran, Ashleigh, for the pic.


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A good hour (from a year ago) on KQED on the cocktail renaissance with De Groff, Haigh, and local saloon proprietor H. Ehrmann.  Niche, but made for a larger audience.  Talks about history, digging up old drinks and the difficulty of pricing.  These are men who love the craft, and because of that it’s fun to listen to.

Get it here.

East Coast-West Coast

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It seems like there are growing tensions in the bartending world these days.  The cocktail world is getting to be as New York-centric as Put It Up has gotten in the last couple weeks.

The main cocktail convention in the U.S. and probably the world is Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans, which just wrapped up on Sunday.  Reports are coming back that San Francisco bartenders got snubbed there. But that’s just the latest example of the tensions between Tales and Frisco.  After SF cocktail week in May, the founders of Tales tweeted, tweeted about their displeasure with there being another big cocktail event.  A few weeks later nominees for the Tales of the Cocktail Spirit Award  for best bar in America were announced.  All three were in NYC.  I’ve been to two out of the three, and let me just say they pale in comparison to an Absinthe or an Alembic.  7×7 SF is reporting that only two out of thirty awards given throughout Tales’ history have gone to anyone in California.

You don’t have to look very hard to see the problems with all this.  And all of this was before New York decided to host it’s own cocktail week on the same dates as San Fran next year.  As if they’re trying to snuff us out.

All of this doesn’t really matter how under-appreciated we are, because the city of San Francisco has the strongest and most vibrant cocktail scene in America.  Just come over for a weekend.

As a bonus, I’ve got a new cocktail, the Creole Sour after the jump. Continue reading