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England has a pint sized problem

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“First Australia considers banning pool cues and now the British are redesigning their pint glasses to decrease bar injuries.

Almost 87,000 citizens of England and Wales (total population: 64 million) are hurt every year in “glass attacks.” Many of these people suffer horrific injuries because the glass shatters and flies everywhere, including into heads, limbs, and other body parts.

The Home Office recruited Design Bridge to help solve the problem. The firm came up with two ideas, one that involves coating the glass with a clear sheet and another that actually turns the pint into two separate glasses. They hope to have the first solution in pubs within the next 12 months.

Maybe instead of fixing the pint glass, the Home Office should focus on reducing the country’s massive anger issues.”



Banned Books Week

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Whether you knew it or not, we are in the midst of Banned Book Week where we, um, celebrate banned literature. So, might I humbly suggest that you pick up one of these and give it a go. I don’t consider reading Harry Potter an act of participation. I would, however, commend anyone who chooses to give Gossip Girl a whirl. In all seriousness, I think you would enjoy this one quite a bit. Let me know what book you chose if you so decide to partake in this silly week.

The Top Ten

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Since I seem to have cocktails on the brain, I really liked this.  Gary Regan, who’s as legit as they come, came up with THE ten essential cocktails for the Chronicle on Sunday.  It was a beautiful spread. The webpage for the story leaves something to be desired, but the contents still gold.  I’m going to disagree with the some of the things here but advice like putting orange bitters into a Martini is real sound.  Also some advice for stocking a home bar… when you have the money.


Improved Whiskey

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or the Old Fashioned, via the new web show Imbibe Sips from Imbibe (a magazine about coffee and alcohol. I know!).  The show is brand new but you can check back for more in the near future on their YouTube channel.

Shiv and Nick, this guy’s from Portland. Check out Clyde Common for me.

LOTW: 200,000,000,000

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The Black Lips: 200 Million Thousand (2009)

black lips 200

It’s missing some of the bare-bones feel that I loved about Good Bad Not Evil, but the songs still work.

Poetry for

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I’m at a loss for words. Check it out.


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I don’t know if any of you has had the chance to have coffee out of a Clover coffee machine (and you could have if you went to Intelligensia or Ritual) but I feel that you are missing out if you have not. The shop down the street from me uses it and I had to sin today and order my first cup of coffee in awhile to see what all the fuss was about. In short, the coffee was delicious. Don’t start dreaming about buying one of these relatively simple looking machines though – they cost $11,000 and there are only 250 in existence.

as it turns out, starbucks has purchased the rights to the clover and everything said in this post was false. it makes terrible coffee and you should never have coffee from one if you care about your general sanity 😉 –