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American Ruins

Posted in America, film, photos, the past with tags , , , on June 8, 2010 by John

Preservation of the great Movie Palaces is generally considered a noble but foolish endeavour. There are always a few small voices saying how much history is being lost, and then there’s the howl of progress.

When looking at these pictures though, it’s easy to see what the preservationists are saying. To this day, these palaces are still jaw dropping sites. At least I’m a sucker for these types of things.

Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre are two photographers that found that their style of photography was so similar, they’d start shooting with the same camera. They documented what the NYT aptly called “Tattered Palaces”.

Their Ruins of Detroit is another fascinating and sobering set.

Of course, there are quite a few palaces left, expecially here in LA. And for those suckers like me, there’s Last Remaining Seats, which is going on right now. Take a look. Continue reading


Nice Try

Posted in photos, technology, the past with tags , on April 20, 2010 by John

Life put up a great slideshow of inventions that didn’t quite make it. There were so many to choose from: the cigarette holder for two, the baby cage, neon tires; but I decided to go with an old standby- girls yodeling.

Street Views

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The whole world, captured once.

Ludicrous as it seems, that’s the goal of Google Street View.  And in it’s artless way, it somewhat does capture the human experience.  Don’t believe me? Look at some of these guys. The accompanying article has a bunch of good ideas, but it also has an excessive amount of bullshit.  Take it for what it is, and enjoy it.



Sure, This Deserves It’s Own Post

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The Year’s Best Photo

Posted in 2008, lists, photos on December 18, 2008 by John


No yucks, this is it.  This one strikes fear into you.  And it’s during a volcanic eruption.  My goodness. (The photo also got top spot on 2 of 4 links below).

Now for some hot links:

Eat It Too

Posted in blogs, food, photos with tags on October 10, 2008 by John

These cakes are making me sad.  Bad birthday memories?

On the whole, it’s a pretty mean spirited blog, but cake is a cruel industry.


A couple others.

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Mother Fucker Don’t Make No Sense

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This is Li Wei, Chinese artist/stunt man.

His work is a mixture of performance art and photography that creates illusions of a sometimes dangerous reality. Li Wei states that these images are not computer montages and works with the help of props such as mirror, metal wires, scaffolding and acrobatics. VIA

A couple more photos and his website after the jump. Continue reading