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Frank the Tank

Posted in G&T's, NYT linking, tubes on November 11, 2010 by John

I just wanted to call to your attention that The Times has actually started doing cocktail coverage, in a better late then never sort of way.

All is forgiven though, because Frank Bruni is great. He admits that he’s not a mixological expert, but I think that gives him a better perspective.

There is a lot of navel gazing in the cocktail universe. Just look at this guy in this video. He’s putting “the world’s best sweet vermouth ” in a hot coffee cocktail.

Bruni is famous for being the Times’ restaurant critic. I love how he can apply that to calling this joker out on his BS (Half the reason I posted this was for the high comedic value of this video).

Being an outsider looking in helps Bruni’s writing, and I’d like to think the cocktail culture at large. Both articles on the Frisco cocktail and spiked coffee are some of the better writing on this important subject that I’ve read. Take a look.

The Frisco

Spiked Coffee

Fur Arvo

Posted in God Almighty, music, NYT linking with tags on October 17, 2010 by John

I was happy to see Arvo Part pop up on the front page of today. The NYT Magazine did a profile of the minimalist composer for his 75th birthday.

At certain points in his life he was obsessed with seagulls and unlocking the secrets of Gregorian chants. That didn’t take. His system of “tintinnabuli” though, pairing melody with a second stabilizing line beneath the melody, became his musical and philosophical cornerstone.

A fascinating read about a fascinating mind.

Of course, I have some albums for you. The late seventies were when Part reached his mature period and when tintinnabuli really kicked in. These are two of his biggest releases from back then.

Alena (1976)

Tabula Rasa (1977)


Posted in NYT linking, science, technology, the future, tubes, women with tags , on July 12, 2010 by John

This is all too much for me.

I don’t like how this robot says it loves people, I don’t like how it yearns and I certainly don’t like how it uses phrases like “conspire to take over the world” in casual conversation.


Newspaper Famous

Posted in New York, NYT linking, politics with tags , , , on June 15, 2010 by John

Rafi Kam and Dallas Penn are “Internet Celebrities” so much so that the NYT gave them a write up. I like them too. The video above is a good reason why.



Posted in asian people, film, NYT linking, tubes with tags , on April 7, 2010 by John

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Take a look at this clip without the commentary first. It’s absolutely hypnotic. Fine filmmaking. Mother is the name of the movie and its just now getting a wider release. From what I’ve read, it seems like the film does a good job defying all your expectations. Sadly, I haven’t seen it yet, but come on, just look at that.

This is a handy little app to see where it’s playing by you. Enjoy.

New York is the saddest state

Posted in 2009, EAST COAST, New York, NYT linking on December 22, 2009 by kevin

We just aren’t happy. Is restless the new happy?

All the more incentive for none of you to move here and keep my rent down.

Deep Inside…

Posted in asperger's syndrome, books, God Almighty, Mind Control, NYT linking, out-of-body experiences with tags , , on October 13, 2009 by John

Jung red book

Jung’s Red Book is coming out next week.  It’s already being buzzed about in academea, but how do you get the kids to get excited?  Well you get cool guys like Charlie Kaufman and David Byrne ( & many more) to talk about it and vlog it.  They’re not out yet, but look for them.

About the book though; it’s one of a kind.  It’s Jung’s personal account of his trip into the Inferno.  For sixteen years, durring a ‘mid-life crisis’, he spent his free time tearing down the wall between his concious and subconsious mind.

In it, Jung travels the land of the dead, falls in love with a woman he later realizes is his sister, gets squeezed by a giant serpent and, in one terrifying moment, eats the liver of a little child. (“I swallow with desperate efforts — it is impossible — once again and once again — I almost faint — it is done.”) At one point, even the devil criticizes Jung as hateful.  NYT

Of course there’s much more to it than dragons and a morbid liverwurst.  This is a record of the subconcious of a man that formed a good deal of the contemporary ideas about the subconcious.  The book’s translator, Sonu Shamdasani, who wrestled with the book for ten years called it “the nuclear reactor for all [Jung’s] works.”

The log of  his journies has taken a twisted path itself.  The New York Times has done a great job putting that story to pixels, and you can find it here.  It’s all very exciting, but for now, I don’t have $115.