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Orange Monsters

Posted in film, monsters, news with tags on March 19, 2010 by John

A great article on why Hollywood is turning orange, and the parels of having complete image control with digital color correcting. After the jump is a video tutorial showing just how effective and how easy the technique is.


Also a fun fact about my new home, and local news in general: 22 seconds of the 11 o’clock News here in LA is on local government, the rest is about out of state dog rescues.

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Posted in news, supernatural, tubes with tags on December 10, 2009 by John

Did you guys see this?

Apparently it was just a failed Russian missile launch. But still, wow.

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Auto-Tune the News

Posted in 2009, news, tubes with tags on May 31, 2009 by kevin

I didn’t know what to think about these at first, but I have decided I like them. There are 4 so far (with varying levels of quality).

Zodiac: Guy Ward Hendrickson

Posted in death, news, the past, WEST COAST with tags on April 29, 2009 by John


New outrageous news on the Zodiac killings that scared the shit out of the bay area in the ’60s. After two years of examining evidence, a group of lawyers are came forward a few hours ago to give the public a name: Guy Ward Hendrickson.  Hendrickson’s daughter, Deborah Perez is claming she wrote some of the Zodiac’s letters, has a pair of glasses from one of the last known murders, and came along with her father for a couple of the murders. The problems with this story are that Perez claims that she just figured all this out in 2007, and she has a documentary coming out next year about, guess what, the Zodiac.  All the evidence is being turned in to the SFPD, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Short version with all the highlights here.

Legitimate journalism here.


Today’s new is that Deborah Perez is a little nuts.  The Chronicle interviewed her half sister and she’s denying everything. Then there’s news from the SFist that you’ll just have to see for yourself HERE because it’s that outrageous. You’ve got to admit that the story she cooked up was entertaining at the very least.

Big day for news

Posted in 2009, news, science, web chatter with tags on April 1, 2009 by kevin

CERN scientists discover cell that started the Big Bang

The entire internet is being rebooted

The Guardian switches to Twitter “Experts say any story can be told in 140 characters.”

Google introduces Auto Pilot for Gmail and Google Chat.

Even more news here

The Swirlies are back!

Posted in 2009, animals, music, news, web chatter, white people with tags , on February 25, 2009 by kevin

After a five year hiatus, The Swirlies have reemerged and will be playing a few shows over on this side of the continent. I will be going Friday and posting my thoughts in response to this post if anyone is interested. I believe I turned at least a few of you onto the swirlies, yeah? Anyhow, get their older stuff here for free. The one you want is They Spent Their Wild Youthful Days in the Glittering World of Salons. Enjoy!

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Torrenting the New York Times?

Posted in death, money, news, the future, web chatter with tags , , on February 5, 2009 by John

Time has a nice piece about how to fund print journalism.  With journalism being an interesting topic for journalists, I’m sure you’ve at least seen a few items on catastrophic failure of print media and how no one can afford bureaus that can adequately cover the news.  I mean the Chronicle might be loosing a million dollars a week, and it’s the only game in town, as far as SF proper.

I’ve heard people say the Goog might feel charitable and buy a paper (Google’s not a charity and a newspaper isn’t a way to make money), or we should let papers fail and have everyone get their news from bloggers…

A real solution hasn’t come out of any of this brainstorming, but Time gets close.  Internet ad revenue is falling. It really wasn’t paying the bills anyways.  The only real solution might be for there to be an iTunes News.

The article points out that even as the audiences are growing, the papers are still bleeding money.  The news is still considered valuable, but now we’re used to getting it for free.  Many of the new readers are young, and have grown up with free access to information.

Micropayments seem to be one of the few viable solutions, but who’s to stop me from going to download today’s paper illegally.  I mean, it’ll take seconds.  Its not an HD rip of Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties or anything.  iTunes did get people to pay for music downloads, but as far as I know, it was people who didn’t know how to use Napster in the first place.  This will be a hard paradigm to shift.

Well, all that ranting and no solutions from me either.  Man, I need to get a job.