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New Wave Reception

Posted in 2011, melty faces, men, mixtape, music, world with tags , , , on December 20, 2010 by Shiv

6 months ago, I began a blog of my own so that I could make podcasts, practice mixing. That blog, at this point, has become its own thing I suppose. While I’ve posted some several mixtapes, nothing after the original ‘cast. I thought I’d give this one a wider release. It’s one I’ve been thinking about for a while now.

Basis: It seems that last year’s chillwave movement — while it may have outlived GoogleWave — has officially become boring: utterly beached. Sun’s gone. Night’s come.  Teen – age – Ice – age. And with this Night, comes glimmering synths, handclaps & drummachines, croons. Consider Twin Shadow, who with his ’10/10′ Forget pulled it off all so well. With 2011, let’s usher in the overly sentimental, the too articulate. In 2011, let’s smile till it hurts.

Project: Here are some new wave tracks from all around the world. I’ve used several from a selection of killer vietnamese/german new wave tapes I’ve come across since September as well as some perhaps more familiar selections. I’ve done some reversing, some sampling of my own, and had a wonderful time mixing it all together. It’s a blast. I hope you like it. Fill up your pencaps and Have a Happy New Year.

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be wilder mix+ape

Posted in 2010, A Put It Up Summer, mixtape, music with tags , , , on August 26, 2010 by Shiv

The summer vacation I thought I’d never have is ending. Tragic. ‘Thought I’d whip something up really quick for the both of us. Welcome to the night.

be wilder mix+ape

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Posted in 2010, A Put It Up Summer, mixtape, music with tags , , , , , , , , , on June 18, 2010 by kevin

Locally sourced, organic, and of the times: Haptograph. I hope you feel it. Track list after the… Continue reading

Bright Dreams

Posted in 2010, mixtape, music on May 29, 2010 by Thomas

Keeping the tunes coming. This collection of songs came together over a long period of scattered bleakness with much gratitude to the knowing DJs of KXLU. Long endless traffic jams, pot holes, hot blindness, twisted necks, grit teeth, sore throats. May they whisk you away on your journeys across highways, through subways, into strangeways. Enjoy.

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Single Loves

Posted in 2010, mixtape, music on May 23, 2010 by John

My Late-Spring Mixtape. Think of this as a sequel to last years ’09ers mixtape. All songs from the last year, mostly by  little known artists. I have a feeling I’ll have a African mix for summer, but we’ll have to wait for it to warm up. For now, some of my favorite pop songs of the last year. Enjoy. Continue reading

Summer Drool III

Posted in 2010, A Put It Up Summer, mixtape, music with tags , , on May 7, 2010 by Shiv

To kick off a Put It Up Summer (2010), I’ve put together some more good droool. It might be a bit early, but its finally above 70° in Portland and time enough! This is my favorite mix to make and to listen to, and I’ve tried to make III as fun as the few in the past. It’s full of songs I don’t get tired of and a few field recordings which I’ve made recently that remind me of some solid good times. I hope these summer jams are as inevitable and as relaxing as your soaking towel is, when, sweating and spinning in your bed, you have to use it as a bedsheet.


Tracks after the jump!

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Moon Mix

Posted in 2010, lush, mixtape, music with tags , , , on February 19, 2010 by Thomas

It has the ingredients of a plain omelette but it tastes like the banks of the Columbia River.