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“Midnight in Dostoevsky” / More Monsters

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By Don Delillo. Another steal from the New Yorker this week. And that makes 3 about/from New York this week. All I have to say, I suppose, is that I live on the West Coast. And I live in a big house. And maybe I don’t blog enough.

While I’m at it, I’d also like to introduce my Portland family to the blog. Beth’s joined us already with a good post on pop. And Brad, the last quarter of NE Monroe will hopefully join soon and I’m sure provide a lot of corn. Muahaaa,

Now, THAT said, do you guys remember Wes’s “Dummy Monster” story from way back when? Well, for those that haven’t heard it, ask someone who has or just believe these ones we (Beth) recently found on the interweb. The information highway has become a farily big place, I’d say. Good thing we have this small space to talk about it. I hope to hear from all of you regarding this matter.

Oregon Fail.

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In the spirit of cliche nostalgia, I found a site where you can play Oregon Trail for free.  I used to think I was quite the wagon master, but here is what happened on just my first river crossing…

Apparently, oxen and my friends cant swim.

Apparently, oxen and my friends can't swim.

I lost 75% of my food, some best friends, and worst of all, 3 of my 4 oxen!  I mean, its no Donner Party, but still, ouch. Here’s the link, if you want to play.

Go to hell!

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Interesting video about the reproduction of out-of-body experiences and abductions with electro-magnets. Linked from Skeptic Magazine


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All theories are welcome.



(click the thumbnail to see the Dummy Monster up close)

Don’t worry, I used both  “melty faces” and “ouchies!” tag.

Also, regarding the MIA song link below, somehow the song changed from being new in the morning to the classic Paper Planes (It was probably the dummy monster). So, no knew song, which is a bummer. But everyone, really everyone should enjoy a little bang bang bang bang ching take your money.

Philosophizing Heads

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Here we have Werner Herzog and Errol Morris talking about what they want to talk about. What they want to talk about turns out to be thought about truth in photography, serial killers and what’s in the human soul. I haven’t parsed through this mess of intellectualization in full yet, but it’s a fun read with some interesting tidbits.

EM: The movie Psycho was based on Ed Gein. Robert Bloch, the writer of the novel Psycho, lived in a small Wisconsin town, Weyauwega, about twenty miles from Plainfield. Ed Gein was notorious. And the farmhouse where he lived alone became the ultimate house of horrors. He had upholstered furniture in his house with human flesh. He was a human taxidermist, cannibal, serial killer, grave robber, necrophile. An all-around good guy.

WH: Errol wanted to know more about the grave robberies, because Ed Gein had not only murdered people. He also excavated freshly buried corpses at the cemetery. And I do remember: he dug up graves in a pretty perfect circle. And in the very center of this circle was the grave of his mother. And Errol kept wondering, did he excavate his mother and use her flesh and skin for some sculptures in things at his home?

This all comes from the new issue of The Believer which includes an essay by Chuck Klosterman where he proves his superior intellect when it comes to aspects of our culture that really have no relevance when you think about it and another essay on Vertigo.

4 Months 3 Weeks and 2 Days

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In the wake of Juno, the evidently undeserving ‘underdog’ nominee for this year’s Best Picture, there is a little Romanian film that curiously didn’t even make it past the preliminary nominees for Best Foreign Picture. However, its important to point out that 4 Months 3 Weeks and 2 Days did not go completely unnoticed. It took the Palme D’Or at last year’s Cannes Festival, Best Picture and Director at the European Film Awards and received critical acclaim in Toronto and Vancouver. But these ceremonial facts don’t say anything new about the differences between the American and European markets that most anyone hasn’t taken into account if not capitalized upon. But going beyond awards, there is something remarkable in the language used in the film that was created in and of a country whose film industry is still in its extremely formative years. 

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Ohhhh, sendups!

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Pretty funny Digital Short from SNL last night with Ellen Page. “The Mirror” Vodpod videos no longer available. from posted with vodpod