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“Midnight in Dostoevsky” / More Monsters

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By Don Delillo. Another steal from the New Yorker this week. And that makes 3 about/from New York this week. All I have to say, I suppose, is that I live on the West Coast. And I live in a big house. And maybe I don’t blog enough.

While I’m at it, I’d also like to introduce my Portland family to the blog. Beth’s joined us already with a good post on pop. And Brad, the last quarter of NE Monroe will hopefully join soon and I’m sure provide a lot of corn. Muahaaa,

Now, THAT said, do you guys remember Wes’s “Dummy Monster” story from way back when? Well, for those that haven’t heard it, ask someone who has or just believe these ones we (Beth) recently found on the interweb. The information highway has become a farily big place, I’d say. Good thing we have this small space to talk about it. I hope to hear from all of you regarding this matter.



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A good hour (from a year ago) on KQED on the cocktail renaissance with De Groff, Haigh, and local saloon proprietor H. Ehrmann.  Niche, but made for a larger audience.  Talks about history, digging up old drinks and the difficulty of pricing.  These are men who love the craft, and because of that it’s fun to listen to.

Get it here.

The Top Ten

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Since I seem to have cocktails on the brain, I really liked this.  Gary Regan, who’s as legit as they come, came up with THE ten essential cocktails for the Chronicle on Sunday.  It was a beautiful spread. The webpage for the story leaves something to be desired, but the contents still gold.  I’m going to disagree with the some of the things here but advice like putting orange bitters into a Martini is real sound.  Also some advice for stocking a home bar… when you have the money.


Jane Austen vs Zombies

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Jane Austen is reinvented in this new (what the LA Times calls) “mash-up novel” titled “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.” It is co-written by some LA screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith who claims that Austen was writing a horror novel but didn’t realize it. She loved jokes.

While retaining 85% of the original text of Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice,” this novel-as-mashup alters some characters’ fates and endows the Bennet sisters with martial arts skills to battle the lumbering undead.

So far, Austen fans have been remarkably open-minded. “I was struck by the author’s facility with period language and style and how he uses it to comic advantage,” says Laurie Viera Rigler, author of the novel “Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict.” “Especially the euphemistic way in which the gentle folk refer to zombies as ‘unmentionables.’ I’ll bet Jane Austen herself would be amused.”

LA Times

Although I myself had sworn off Jane Austen for the next few lives to come (see Greg’s influential essay “Jane Austen: Jogging in Place”),  I have to admit, I’m tempted; the subtitle to the text is “Now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem.” Some of you might also want to check it out.

More Lynch via the tweeter

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Makes me remember a little talk about meditation. Think happy thoughts!

Don’t Go Home With Your Hard-On

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It looks like I already missed my chance. Don’t miss yours. Seriously, one of you Californians better see this and report back. I will be gone for my brother’s wedding when he returns.

The Italian Alps

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Most of the internet flash games you find don’t really live up to your hopes of keeping you entertained for more than a few minutes.  They’re usually too short, too confusing or too dumb.  Frost Bite 2 isn’t any of that jazz.

In fact it feels like an old SNES game.  The controls are simple and intuitive, the levels are well designed and its fun.  It feels like one of the good 2D Mario games.

And I still haven’t gotten to the peak, yet.  Anyways, play it here.


I probably got to this via a series of links that started at Jay is Game, which blogs on flash and downlowable games.  The thing gives me at least above average games and I value that enough to blogroll it.