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I need a canidate who can knock down pins

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Barack can’t bowl

So it’s Nytimes yeah, but its still silly enough to post.


Across Lite

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So this is basically for micah but pretty awesome and, well, we all like crosswords. Here is the crossword program used by the New York Times to publish their crosswords online. You can also use it to create crosswords. Its very nice. It says you can save them in binary and publish on your site…weekly put it up things anyone? I’m going to fool with it more later. Here’s a link to the download and another link to the pdf describing the nerdy method in which one must create their own crossword.

Across Lite

How To

Crossworlds and Water Curses

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Geek Out New York presents its 5th annual crossword tournament. People wearing crossword undies and caps. People not having time to erase. Plenty of ‘prophets,’ ‘Sicilian Volcanoes,’ and ‘TV Boss of Mary Tyler Moore’, I’d imagine. Not to mention a 24 year-old prodigy: 4-time tournament winner, Tyler Hinman who is making everyone question “Tyler or the field?” VIA


Also, I agree with what John said. Here’s giving everybody what they want, a sneak leak peak at Animal Collective’s latest EP.

Animal Collective Water Curses EP

One more thing: Micah: what other things do you like?

It’s been mentioned. It’s been debated. It’s been tiptoed around. Barack Obama is for it. Are you?

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Fortyhands, motherfuckers.

Before we all part ways for Spring Break ’08, hoping for that brief snatch of airtime next to Carson Daly in our brand new bikinis, I propose that we tear some shit up.
Lisette and I fly on Monday; I know the Tusconanians leave Sunday. Portland and Mexico-goers, what’s your schedjy again? I forgetz.
I’m thinking Thursday or Friday, but this is, of course, a forum. I think it’d be great fun if we could figure out a time we all could.*** Thoughts, friends?

** I suggest that Beans, Rice, and (What your hamster’s name, Sevin and Kara?) not be allowed the full eighty ounces.
***Nina Bug can probably hold.

Stuff White People Like

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Here’s a blog for you. One that tells us everything we like. In fact, it was recently brought up to me that most of the stuff on this blog is stuff white people, do in fact, really really like. Think I’m kidding? Check this out. The list includes Sara Silverman, microbreweries, Obama, and expensive sandwiches.


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So after sara decided she’d give me my christmas present (a white board) we decided to go and buy a dart to replace that mysteriously missing third dart in the garage. The white board is going to be the scoreboard you see. Anyway, after one stop at the target near food for less we were having no luck. All of them had been sold on clearance. CVS apparently doesn’t carry darts. We went to the other target. Darts are, get this, seasonal. You’d think an indoor bar game could be played in any weather but thats just apparently not the case. At least according to target. Anyone know where big 5 is? You can expect similarly exciting posts from me in the future. Oh, and when we find this dart more darts should be played in this house.