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“Cooking Really Upsets Food”

Posted in british humour, food, tubes, white people on August 8, 2010 by John

Posh Nosh is one of the funnier things I’ve seen in a while. British people are just funnier than us.

Here’s the other seven. If your like me, you’ll need an hour or so to waste.

Episode 2. Birthday Parties
Episode 3. Paella
Episode 4. Beautiful Food
Episode 5. Bread and Butter Pudding
Episode 6. Leftovers
Episode 7. Sauces
Episode 8. Comfort Food


Cooking History

Posted in 2010, Bread, film, food on February 19, 2010 by Shiv

Last night, I went to go see the Czech film Cooking History at Portland’s Int. Film Festival.  The film’s epithet “★ 6 wars ★ 10 recipes ★ 60 361 024 dead ★” does a pretty good job of letting its viewer know what to expect. But, the extent to which this film delivered was remarkable. Nick and I both agreed that it was certainly heavy handed at times (and that the sound design was wretched) but it was bold, earnest and at times just outright stunning.

There are these gorgeous sequences of old Polish, French and Croatian veterans baking fresh bread, wrapping blinis, slicing the yellowest, most effulgent lemons (you’ve ever seen!) and wandering around lush landscapes remembering the loved ones left behind in the war while, as if in tribute, picking for each of them a mushroom to pickle. Although, at times, I felt myself a bit queasy (See: killing of cow, pig, chicken), the preparation of food in the film was hardly sensationalized. It is a film about food as a necessity, about cooking as an economy, as something that gives and takes. Simply put, its a little gem of a film. And I think that seeing that this blog is about baking and monsters, it’s appropriate fit here. for screening info.


Posted in Bread, EAST COAST, food, How To Do Things with tags on February 11, 2010 by kevin

If there were any public advocate that needed to convince all you schleps out there that you should make your own bread (why? cheaper, far tastier, ect.), Jim Lahey would be the one. Knead? Why? Lahey posed that question about four years ago and forever changed home baking. Buy some flour, yeast and turn on your faucet.

I will admit that the interview is kind of dull if you aren’t into these things, but I do look up to this man when it comes to creating the staff of life. Ignore the interviewer. He is a bit pompous.

England has a pint sized problem

Posted in 2010, beer, food, public intoxication with tags on February 6, 2010 by kevin

“First Australia considers banning pool cues and now the British are redesigning their pint glasses to decrease bar injuries.

Almost 87,000 citizens of England and Wales (total population: 64 million) are hurt every year in “glass attacks.” Many of these people suffer horrific injuries because the glass shatters and flies everywhere, including into heads, limbs, and other body parts.

The Home Office recruited Design Bridge to help solve the problem. The firm came up with two ideas, one that involves coating the glass with a clear sheet and another that actually turns the pint into two separate glasses. They hope to have the first solution in pubs within the next 12 months.

Maybe instead of fixing the pint glass, the Home Office should focus on reducing the country’s massive anger issues.”


More pizza related things…

Posted in 2010, food, tubes with tags , on January 20, 2010 by kevin

Sorry for the second pizza post in a row, but I felt the “Franken Weber” or “Bride of Franken Weber” was a must see. Ignore the annoying music and stand in awe of this fire breathing monster. I want one. Article.

All I want to eat is pizza.

Posted in 2010, food with tags , on January 18, 2010 by kevin

I don’t expect anyone here to be as serious about this baking shit as I currently am. I own a peel, stone, imported yeast and even diastatic (as well as non-diastatic) malt powder. However, without any of these things, you can make some delicious pizza. Well, okay, you should really buy a baking stone already (or just find a thin granite slab, that will work just fine). Either way, I have joined New York’s current obsession with Neapolitan pizza.

Sure, this can be a three day process (at least 24 hours), but it is worth it.  Following that recipe, you shall have amazingly pliable and delicious dough. What you put on it is up to you. Such is the nature of pizza. For those of you afraid of kneading, this is all you need. This dough makes a spectacular Martguerita and, dare i say, an even better Bianca. The only way you can fuck this up is by using too many toppings/grating your cheese too fine (which I did once, but such is the nature of learning).

May your crust be crisp, and may your bread always rise.

Blogs, Something I want to see.

Posted in 2009, blogs, food, monsters on January 8, 2010 by Shiv

Some of the blogs I read when I’m looking for some good internet fun are blogging about blogs lately. Mainly in the form of lists. Lots of great stuff. Check them out. One blog I liked from these was Eat Me Daily, a silly blog with fun links about food and eating and such. It’s neat, like this picture shown above of fishes and crabs. The lists are great too. I got this one at Fimoculous.

By the way: The Millions is awesome! whoever posted the link.

Also, I would so see this