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The films’ plots too have strong pan-African appeal. They often revolve around the travails of new arrivals in big cities—an experience familiar across the continent. The epic film “One God One Nation” portrays a Muslim man and a Christian woman who struggle to marry. “Caught in the Act” shows a wife who is wrongly accused by her own mother-in-law of abducting a child. Nollywood films depict families whose faith has been shattered, whose certainties have been undermined. They show ordinary people struggling to make sense of a fast-changing, unkind world. Aspirations are dashed. Trust is forsaken. The overarching theme of Nollywood films is Africa’s troubled journey to modernity. Because Hollywood films tend to show people at the other end of that journey, they fail to resonate.

Nigeria’s rapidly growing film industry.


Tree of Life

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Wild Woody

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Woody Allen interviewed by the Paris review.

Allen talks about comedy, working to your ability, and his adventures in prose. A little trim on the film side but otherwise earnest and smart.

Work Wear

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You guys seemed to like the last one, so I figured I’d link up episode three.

Blog Talk

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Our goal here is to make that process as easy and efficient as possible. For every URL included, one of our crack contributors has come up with an elegantly pithy synopsis of the critical style and obsessively revisited subjects that define the spirit of the site. When you’ve found a couple of capsules that pique your interest, bookmark them at the top of your browser and click over when you have some downtime.

The team from the truly great Film Comment magazine wade through film writing online. More people should do this.


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I’ve been loving Vimeo docs lately. Here’s a new one from Sean Dunne, the man that did one of my all time favorites, The Archive.