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Warmer Days #1

Posted in black people, music with tags , , , on February 17, 2010 by John

It’s been around four years since I last dug for African music, but a perfect storm of good weather, Nick’s post and Pitchfork republishing it’s thorough and informative Africa 100 article have me buried deep in the virtual crates.


You’ve probably heard Pata Pata in that Honda commercial sometime during the last few months. That should be enough to get you looking for more Miriam Makeba.

Orchestra Baobab’s Pirate’s Choice is another HQ mix of the Cuban Son and and Senegalese Soukous. Though the style may sound borrowed, Baobab have their own end-of-the-night swagger.

Nigeria’s Sir Victor Uwaifo’s song “Guitar Boy” was sampled by the Very Best last year (it worked for me). This Uwaifo comp has a nice variety to it; it mixes sunny pop, Afrobeat grooves and some guitar prowess. If you download just one, make it Gutar Boy Superstar 1970-1976.

PS- If there’s interest, I can do a primer post w/ essential CDs, if not, I’ll just keep posting the new stuff I find.

And if you want the giant mixtape Joe Tangari made to complement his Pitchfork article… Continue reading


Case Study

Posted in animals, black people, The 80s on January 9, 2010 by John

The first clip came from a list of ten amazing sounds here.

This is a Thing That Happened

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LOTW – The Very Best

Posted in black people, LOTW, music with tags , , on August 25, 2009 by John


The Very Best – Warm Heart of Africa

If you haven’t heard Esau Mwamwaya, I’d be surprised.  He’s done a very good job getting his name out on the blogs.  He makes songs with M.I.A., Vamp Weekend and Architecture in Helsinki.  Then he put out a free album mixtape last year with Radioclit (they call themselves the Very Best).   Today we have the album.  I’m listening to it right now and I got to say it has real album of the year potential.  It’s that good.

Not sure?  Check out Chalo after the jump, and then download it, ok?


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I Know You Got Soul – Part 1

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I Know You Got Soul Disc 1

Disc one of this jumbo sized mixtape is the original.  I made it a couple years ago, and with a couple tweaks, it’s harder, better, faster, ect.

Disc one is bookended with two of my favorite songs in any genre, “Didn’t I” by Bay Area legend Darondo, and the Stax classic “I’ve Been Lonely For So Long.” It also has my favorite Otis Redding ballad, “Tell It Like It Is” (and yeah, I do like it better than “Tenderness” or “Too Long”).  “Gimmie Little Sign” will get stuck in your head for the rest of your life, and the piano line in “Too Hurt to Cry” (by my first lady of soul, Candi Staton) is just a monster.

There’s just too much good stuff.  That’s why part two is coming next week.

Africa Brazil 2009

Posted in 2009, bananas, black people, music on May 22, 2009 by John

I tend towards the the old school when it comes to my taste in both African and Brazilian music.  “Nqayi” a collaboration by Brazilian DJ Maga Bo and South African artist Teba is anything but.  It’s pretty rad though.  It’s a mix of baile funk and whatever they’re doing in Capetown (I’ll plead ignorance here). The video was shot in the Capetown slums and apparently they’re speaking English for part of it, which I’d still like someone to prove to me.

Ostensibly, if you’re into the M.I.A. sound, this should be up your alley.

And in case you wanted to know:

“The lyrics talk about the difficulties faced by youth in townships today and how society tries to force them to drink and take drugs. Nqayi means baldhead and refers to fake rastas posturing themselves, but then bending over to the pressures of society and shaving their locks.”


I Can’t Fell My Face or… My Face Can’t Be Felt? (finally)

Posted in 2009, black people, celebrities, mixtape, music with tags on March 31, 2009 by kevin

Four songs, uh, leaked sort of, and honestly they were kind of disappointing for two of the best in the “game.” I guess I feel this one is the best. Stevie Wonder beat, a few decent Wayne lyrics and some underwhelming Santana (who can be great). “I’m homer/ and your a simp’ son/ and i’m pimp son.” I actually found one of the blog responses really funny (even as a Wayne fan). Jump for it. Continue reading