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“Midnight in Dostoevsky” / More Monsters

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By Don Delillo. Another steal from the New Yorker this week. And that makes 3 about/from New York this week. All I have to say, I suppose, is that I live on the West Coast. And I live in a big house. And maybe I don’t blog enough.

While I’m at it, I’d also like to introduce my Portland family to the blog. Beth’s joined us already with a good post on pop. And Brad, the last quarter of NE Monroe will hopefully join soon and I’m sure provide a lot of corn. Muahaaa,

Now, THAT said, do you guys remember Wes’s “Dummy Monster” story from way back when? Well, for those that haven’t heard it, ask someone who has or just believe these ones we (Beth) recently found on the interweb. The information highway has become a farily big place, I’d say. Good thing we have this small space to talk about it. I hope to hear from all of you regarding this matter.

Valentine’s Day

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Three unreleased My Bloody Valentine songs found their way to some MBV forum. These are in no way verified to be songs by Shields and the gang, but they sound about right (also sound effin rad).

Kevin Song

Cowboy Song

Billinda Song


Let’s Share Music!

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My cousin just showed me this program. It’s like iChat, but instead of sharing silly comments, you share tons of music! Its a great concept. I don’t know if it works. Let’s try it out! It works for both Macs and PCs. It’s called Mojo, and here it is.

**edit: Some of you may have been having problems. I figured it out: if you pay for the fucking PRO edition, you can access more than 2 libraries. If not, keep your friend list down. I have access to John’s. So i guess I’ll keep it for a bit. He’s up to date. I suppose that’s how I think it works. That was the message I got. It also seems like the installation process differs depending on the time/user. Any thoughts?

(Oh, and I apologize for this turning into a geeky software blog. This software did, however, seem too good to be true; it might we worth it to keep trying).

Take a Break, 90’s Style

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DDI 90s

Dallas Does Indie’s┬álatest podcast is a tribute to the 90’s (similar to a certain cross-coastal car trip if I remember correctly). Like the DJ says, its a great mix to sit back to and relax from the national (and collegiate) pressures we’re all enduring. Its starts off very strong and then wanes in the middle with┬áthe somber Pedro’s and Elliot’s. But it’s worth it for the last song. Enjoy.