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Errol Morris on Re-enactments

Posted in film, skepticism on April 4, 2008 by David Cole

Chocolate Drink from Thin Blue Line

Re-enactments: the devil’s game or a tool misunderstood? One of the greatest living minds in filmmaking weighs in:

The engine of uncovering truth is not some special lens or even the unadorned human eye; it is unadorned human reason. It wasn’t a cinéma vérité documentary that got Randall Dale Adams out of prison. It was a film that re-enacted important details of the crime. It was an investigation – part of which was done with a camera. The re-enactments capture the important details of that investigation. It’s not re-enactments per se that are wrong or inappropriate. It’s the use of them. I use re-enactments to burrow underneath the surface of reality in an attempt to uncover some hidden truth.

Continue reading on his NYTimes blog. As always, his strong opinions on truth and objectivity dominate the article. His massive series of posts on Roger Fenton has less to do with filmmaking but is an equally fascinating read.

Be sure to check out the trailer for Standard Operating Procedure, his new film — if you haven’t already.

DFA Winter 2K8

Posted in music on February 1, 2008 by David Cole

DFA Logo

Just wanted to make sure it was well known that the DFA Radio Mixes are online and the Winter 2008 one just recently (I think) went up.

where’s the dip?

Posted in hot chip, music on January 19, 2008 by David Cole

cuz i brought the chip

(protip: click the pic for the download)

& hello all! i am john’s friend from san francisco.