• Shiv – Come here so I can flip your eggplant.
  • John – Bloggin’ since 08.
  • Micah – Don’t bother me, I’m blogging. Get your own blog. Talk to the blog. Blog to the hand. Blog to the Blog. Blog Blog Blog. You’re blogging me down. BLincoln BLogs. 21/M/CA seeking 45/F/My Bed.
  • Kevin – A blog is worth a million pictures.
  • Thomas – I take myself too seriously to blog.
  • Nick – Hey now, hey now, Iko Iko Ahnday, Jackamo ah na nay.
  • Kathleen – Last night was big time.
  • Greg – Just an interjection that I would use every once and a while. “Babababa, these aren’t true things at all.” -John Squire
  • Sara- Blogs are stupid. You guys are just gonna circle jerk over music […] I said I think it’s stupid, shut up about it already.
  • kevin y. – I know what you’re thinking…”Another Kevin?! UGH!” Rest assured I will slowly try to phase the other one out.
  • Jeff – 22/M/Brooklyn

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