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The New Rules

Posted in America, EAST COAST, lists, the past with tags , , on November 12, 2010 by John

Rules on how to make a great publication from one of America’s finest magazines, The Atlantic.

Rule #9 is probably a big part of why I subscribe: “The Atlantic has three dimensions — breadth of interest, height of interest, depth of interest.”

All twelve in pixels below.


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Wild Woody

Posted in celebrities, film, France, white people on November 11, 2010 by John

Woody Allen interviewed by the Paris review.

Allen talks about comedy, working to your ability, and his adventures in prose. A little trim on the film side but otherwise earnest and smart.

Frank the Tank

Posted in G&T's, NYT linking, tubes on November 11, 2010 by John

I just wanted to call to your attention that The Times has actually started doing cocktail coverage, in a better late then never sort of way.

All is forgiven though, because Frank Bruni is great. He admits that he’s not a mixological expert, but I think that gives him a better perspective.

There is a lot of navel gazing in the cocktail universe. Just look at this guy in this video. He’s putting “the world’s best sweet vermouth ” in a hot coffee cocktail.

Bruni is famous for being the Times’ restaurant critic. I love how he can apply that to calling this joker out on his BS (Half the reason I posted this was for the high comedic value of this video).

Being an outsider looking in helps Bruni’s writing, and I’d like to think the cocktail culture at large. Both articles on the Frisco cocktail and spiked coffee are some of the better writing on this important subject that I’ve read. Take a look.

The Frisco

Spiked Coffee