LOTW – Halcyon Digest

I mean, you should buy this album. But here’s Halcyon Digest.

I’ve as many posts on this band as John does on cocktails. They’ve consistently been so generous and their work always seems to get better. Yes, I was way into Microcastle, but I’ve always first-and-foremost been more of a Cryptograms/blog-era/Bradford-in-dresses/noise-fest fan of Deerhunter. I’ve had to put that aside for the last few years though: No more blog songs, hardly any noise at all. However, they’ve incorporated some essential elements of that drony sound that sold me to them back in 07 into their new album. Halcyon Digest is miraculous. Sonically, so much more versatile and meticulous than their last. Focus is placed on deep bass, sustained/accented echos. Cox really has a knack for ambient sound and progression, patiently adding layer upon layer to make the songs so rich and full. Nothing on it seems accidental. And this album is just so cohesive, it makes their previous efforts seem whimsical. Annnd, just when you thought Bradford couldn’t possibly be more intimate with his listener, he does–hard (“He Would Have Laughed” is a “Bob Dylan’s Dream”-esque heartbreaker).When once they were opaquely waxing on death and the afterlife, they’ve made it down to earth, into their own bodies, grown up too fast and are pained by a most desperate nostalgia that we’ve all felt and continually make ourselves feel; that lack of understanding, at once understated and overwhelming.

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