be wilder mix+ape

The summer vacation I thought I’d never have is ending. Tragic. ‘Thought I’d whip something up really quick for the both of us. Welcome to the night.

be wilder mix+ape

for the tracklist –>

1. Wise Blood – B.I.G. E.G.O.

2. Sister Irene O’Connor – Keshukoran

3. Low Profile – On the Run

4. Motifs – Cameras

5. Dream Cop – Marooned

6. Split Enz – Six Months in a Leaky Boat

7. Puro Instinct – Slivers of You

8. Stranger Station – Welcome to the Night

9. Eternal Summers – Don’t Fall in Love

10. Kites Sail High – Daydreaming at School

11. Chad Valley – Anything

12. Keep Shelley in Athens – tear in my i

13. Millionyoung – Desperate Measures

14. Casino Vs. Japan – Comose Bravo


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