Lost Films

It’s believed that 80% of films from the silent era were lost, either destroyed by fires, have deteriorated beyond repair, or were chemically burned as a way of recycling the negative. Lost Films is a search portal for orphaned films that have been collected as a means of preservation. Here you can view, comment and identify over 3500 entries and 50+ unidentified films. This seems like a great answer to the inherent problem of canonization. By forming definitive lists, distribution companies, such as Criterion, create a queue of ‘important’ films needing restoration (and that will guarantee a profit) while others continue to rot in the vault. A project of the Kultursiftung des Bundes museum, it is a great public platform where these films can be discussed and if nothing else build up hype and free PR for smaller distribution companies. Their ‘links’ section also provides a list of related sites as well as publications.

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  1. this is really neat. thanks nick.

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