It’s the Northside Festival here again this weekend. Thursday (being a Thursday) was a soft opening if you will, but I already found a pretty great band I had never heard of before. I thought Millionyoung were brilliant live but, as Sara might say, of course I did. The singer reverbed his vocals to the point where they were barely recognizable and a computer, guitar, and bass did the rest. It made for some dance-heavy bliss. It was one of the best times I’ve had at a show in quite some time—gotta love going into a show with zero expectations. Catch their EP here. I’d be willing to bet you will be hearing more about them soon.


3 Responses to “Millionyoung”

  1. finally had a chance to hear this. its right up my alley lately, makes a perfect follow-up to all the tanlines i’ve been listening to. and i second your prediction.

  2. glad you like it. this is seriously my band of the summer. i can’t wait for a full length. the front man (pretty much much the whole band) also rules. I wish all these florida boys.

  3. well i wish them the best. i didn’t quite finish that response.

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