Bright Dreams

Keeping the tunes coming. This collection of songs came together over a long period of scattered bleakness with much gratitude to the knowing DJs of KXLU. Long endless traffic jams, pot holes, hot blindness, twisted necks, grit teeth, sore throats. May they whisk you away on your journeys across highways, through subways, into strangeways. Enjoy.

1. Floorboard Speculation – Actual Water

2. Blessa – Toro Y Moi

3. How You Satisfy Me – Spectrum

4. Proud Evolution – Liars

5. Jusqu’a ce que la Force de t’aimer me manque – Catherine Ribeiro & the Alpes

6. The Gator – Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy

7. Something In The Way – Best Coast

8. I Don’t Need Enemies – Holy Shit

9. A Crime – Carnivores

10. Long Flight – Future Islands

11. We Love You – The Rolling Stones

12. Never Get Ahead – Bobby Conn

13. Out of My Mind – Buffalo Springfield

14. Paix – Catherine Ribeiro & the Alpes

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