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Wie schön das ist!

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Motown Around the World (on NPR)


Bright Dreams

Posted in 2010, mixtape, music on May 29, 2010 by Thomas

Keeping the tunes coming. This collection of songs came together over a long period of scattered bleakness with much gratitude to the knowing DJs of KXLU. Long endless traffic jams, pot holes, hot blindness, twisted necks, grit teeth, sore throats. May they whisk you away on your journeys across highways, through subways, into strangeways. Enjoy.

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LOTW – Wild Nothing

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Hopefully, you caught Wild Nothing’s cover of “Cloudbusting” on my mixtape last week. I love the song. In fact, I think this guy is going places. His debut is definitely proof.  It has a lot of great songs on there, but they can blur together a little. Still, there’s a lot of potential in here and it’s worth a listen or two. The single on the other hand its worth all your listens. Just listen:

Not Quite Day for Night

Posted in california, film on May 25, 2010 by John

I found this on the Daily Dish yesterday and thought it was so cool. It’s a 1927 map of California filming locations that could stand in for other places in the world. I decided to see how acurate the map was so I searched flikr for some CA towns. Really, these suggestions aren’t bad. Take a look. Continue reading

The World Cup Invades

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A really smart article by NYT about how corporations that tend to dominate an event like the World Cup are having an awkward time in South Africa, where globalized capitalism hasn’t taken a strong hold yet and where the memories of having to fight for independence are still fresh.

Budweiser, the “OFFICIAL BEER OF THE WORLD CUP,” isn’t even trying to sell beer to South Africans.  It’s only sponsoring the event for the TV rights says the WSJ.

I would feel used too.

Single Loves

Posted in 2010, mixtape, music on May 23, 2010 by John

My Late-Spring Mixtape. Think of this as a sequel to last years ’09ers mixtape. All songs from the last year, mostly by  little known artists. I have a feeling I’ll have a African mix for summer, but we’ll have to wait for it to warm up. For now, some of my favorite pop songs of the last year. Enjoy. Continue reading


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California is a Place make the documentaries I’d want to make. Both fascinating and human. Sadly, their website doesn’t have any interesting info on it so all I can say is stay tuned. It seems like more vignettes are on the way.  Above and below are two of my favorites.  There’s four total and the other two are worth a look too. Continue reading