Cooking History

Last night, I went to go see the Czech film Cooking History at Portland’s Int. Film Festival.  The film’s epithet “★ 6 wars ★ 10 recipes ★ 60 361 024 dead ★” does a pretty good job of letting its viewer know what to expect. But, the extent to which this film delivered was remarkable. Nick and I both agreed that it was certainly heavy handed at times (and that the sound design was wretched) but it was bold, earnest and at times just outright stunning.

There are these gorgeous sequences of old Polish, French and Croatian veterans baking fresh bread, wrapping blinis, slicing the yellowest, most effulgent lemons (you’ve ever seen!) and wandering around lush landscapes remembering the loved ones left behind in the war while, as if in tribute, picking for each of them a mushroom to pickle. Although, at times, I felt myself a bit queasy (See: killing of cow, pig, chicken), the preparation of food in the film was hardly sensationalized. It is a film about food as a necessity, about cooking as an economy, as something that gives and takes. Simply put, its a little gem of a film. And I think that seeing that this blog is about baking and monsters, it’s appropriate fit here. for screening info.

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