Warmer Days #1

It’s been around four years since I last dug for African music, but a perfect storm of good weather, Nick’s post and Pitchfork republishing it’s thorough and informative Africa 100 article have me buried deep in the virtual crates.


You’ve probably heard Pata Pata in that Honda commercial sometime during the last few months. That should be enough to get you looking for more Miriam Makeba.

Orchestra Baobab’s Pirate’s Choice is another HQ mix of the Cuban Son and and Senegalese Soukous. Though the style may sound borrowed, Baobab have their own end-of-the-night swagger.

Nigeria’s Sir Victor Uwaifo’s song “Guitar Boy” was sampled by the Very Best last year (it worked for me). This Uwaifo comp has a nice variety to it; it mixes sunny pop, Afrobeat grooves and some guitar prowess. If you download just one, make it Gutar Boy Superstar 1970-1976.

PS- If there’s interest, I can do a primer post w/ essential CDs, if not, I’ll just keep posting the new stuff I find.

And if you want the giant mixtape Joe Tangari made to complement his Pitchfork article…Disc 1 http://sharebee.com/d6851f67
Disc 2 http://sharebee.com/0e6c1eba
Disc 3 http://sharebee.com/47ffb43b
Disc 4 http://sharebee.com/b3a50ade
Disc 5 http://sharebee.com/5fbc9386
Disc 6 http://sharebee.com/58732f56
Disc 7 http://sharebee.com/8e4505be


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