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Moon Mix

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It has the ingredients of a plain omelette but it tastes like the banks of the Columbia River.


Cooking History

Posted in 2010, Bread, film, food on February 19, 2010 by Shiv

Last night, I went to go see the Czech film Cooking History at Portland’s Int. Film Festival.  The film’s epithet “★ 6 wars ★ 10 recipes ★ 60 361 024 dead ★” does a pretty good job of letting its viewer know what to expect. But, the extent to which this film delivered was remarkable. Nick and I both agreed that it was certainly heavy handed at times (and that the sound design was wretched) but it was bold, earnest and at times just outright stunning.

There are these gorgeous sequences of old Polish, French and Croatian veterans baking fresh bread, wrapping blinis, slicing the yellowest, most effulgent lemons (you’ve ever seen!) and wandering around lush landscapes remembering the loved ones left behind in the war while, as if in tribute, picking for each of them a mushroom to pickle. Although, at times, I felt myself a bit queasy (See: killing of cow, pig, chicken), the preparation of food in the film was hardly sensationalized. It is a film about food as a necessity, about cooking as an economy, as something that gives and takes. Simply put, its a little gem of a film. And I think that seeing that this blog is about baking and monsters, it’s appropriate fit here. for screening info.

Warmer Days #1

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It’s been around four years since I last dug for African music, but a perfect storm of good weather, Nick’s post and Pitchfork republishing it’s thorough and informative Africa 100 article have me buried deep in the virtual crates.


You’ve probably heard Pata Pata in that Honda commercial sometime during the last few months. That should be enough to get you looking for more Miriam Makeba.

Orchestra Baobab’s Pirate’s Choice is another HQ mix of the Cuban Son and and Senegalese Soukous. Though the style may sound borrowed, Baobab have their own end-of-the-night swagger.

Nigeria’s Sir Victor Uwaifo’s song “Guitar Boy” was sampled by the Very Best last year (it worked for me). This Uwaifo comp has a nice variety to it; it mixes sunny pop, Afrobeat grooves and some guitar prowess. If you download just one, make it Gutar Boy Superstar 1970-1976.

PS- If there’s interest, I can do a primer post w/ essential CDs, if not, I’ll just keep posting the new stuff I find.

And if you want the giant mixtape Joe Tangari made to complement his Pitchfork article… Continue reading


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(feat. Portishead, Luke Perry, Blondes, Kraftwerk,  more)

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If there were any public advocate that needed to convince all you schleps out there that you should make your own bread (why? cheaper, far tastier, ect.), Jim Lahey would be the one. Knead? Why? Lahey posed that question about four years ago and forever changed home baking. Buy some flour, yeast and turn on your faucet.

I will admit that the interview is kind of dull if you aren’t into these things, but I do look up to this man when it comes to creating the staff of life. Ignore the interviewer. He is a bit pompous.

England has a pint sized problem

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“First Australia considers banning pool cues and now the British are redesigning their pint glasses to decrease bar injuries.

Almost 87,000 citizens of England and Wales (total population: 64 million) are hurt every year in “glass attacks.” Many of these people suffer horrific injuries because the glass shatters and flies everywhere, including into heads, limbs, and other body parts.

The Home Office recruited Design Bridge to help solve the problem. The firm came up with two ideas, one that involves coating the glass with a clear sheet and another that actually turns the pint into two separate glasses. They hope to have the first solution in pubs within the next 12 months.

Maybe instead of fixing the pint glass, the Home Office should focus on reducing the country’s massive anger issues.”


V/A – Afro-Rock Vol. 1

Posted in music on February 4, 2010 by Nick

Oh, and here’s another great compilation from this electronic, world, jazz, neo-classical blog I’ve been following. John, I think you’d especially appreciate this one.

Afro-Rock Volume 1 by Various Artists