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This is what I’ve been digging lately.

I don’t know much about Townes Van Zandt, but he’s a remarkable talent. The first album is just him and a guitar in a bar in Houston. It’s simple, spectacular songwriting. Some people trash his studio albums as having dated production that Van Zant had little to do with. I still like them though; the strings in Our Mother the Mountain give the songs a Leonard Cohen vibe, and a drum kit and harmonica never hurt anybody. (A studio song example vs. a live song)

Van Zandt was one of those country music sob stories, part of the American tradition. According to his Wikipedia article:

[T]he bulk of his life was spent touring various dive bars, often living in cheap motel rooms, backwoods cabins and on friends’ couches. Van Zandt was notorious for his drug addictions, alcoholism, and his tendency to tell tall tales. He suffered from manic depression, and attempts to treat it with insulin shock therapy erased much of his long-term memory.

Townes Van Zandt – Live at the Old Quarter, Houston, Texas (1973)

Townes Van Zandt – Our Mother the Mountain (1969)


Three Point 0

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New version of The Home Bar is up. Same philosohpy, better drinks, more variety.


Midcentury Boogie

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BoingBoing has a beautiful little series of posts this weekend on mostly forgotten midcentury music. Country, opera, jazz and folk are all there. Archivist Stephen Worth certainly dug up some treasures. Highlights include this tap-dancing barnburner, Jimmy Dean with muppets, and a dutch-angled Leadbelly clip.

The Dead Zone

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“Freaks, geeks, and rebels have got a very, very strange advantage. In most things we’re sort of disadvantaged, but society needs us very badly—we’re its eyes and ears, we’re its antenna, we’re the way it stretches out and finds new things.”

Coast to Coast AM is a show that often gets laughed at. Yes, it is about x-files stuff, but I think some people are missing the point. Putting on George Noory at night is a different type of “suspension of disbelief”.

There is no chupacabra? Then what about this?

Coast to Coast is always a case of believe it or not, and many times it’s best not to. Blurring the line between real life and entertainment is a big part of the fun with Coast. In a dark recording booth down a quiet hallway in the dead of the night, anything is possible.

The moody new Atlantic article does a wonderful job of finding the appeal of and the problems with coast (George Noory might be the most non-committal host in radio). Read it, then take the time and listen to the show tonight. It’s thrilling, bizzare, and maybe true. Find your station here.

More pizza related things…

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Sorry for the second pizza post in a row, but I felt the “Franken Weber” or “Bride of Franken Weber” was a must see. Ignore the annoying music and stand in awe of this fire breathing monster. I want one. Article.

All I want to eat is pizza.

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I don’t expect anyone here to be as serious about this baking shit as I currently am. I own a peel, stone, imported yeast and even diastatic (as well as non-diastatic) malt powder. However, without any of these things, you can make some delicious pizza. Well, okay, you should really buy a baking stone already (or just find a thin granite slab, that will work just fine). Either way, I have joined New York’s current obsession with Neapolitan pizza.

Sure, this can be a three day process (at least 24 hours), but it is worth it.  Following that recipe, you shall have amazingly pliable and delicious dough. What you put on it is up to you. Such is the nature of pizza. For those of you afraid of kneading, this is all you need. This dough makes a spectacular Martguerita and, dare i say, an even better Bianca. The only way you can fuck this up is by using too many toppings/grating your cheese too fine (which I did once, but such is the nature of learning).

May your crust be crisp, and may your bread always rise.

In Lightness (Mixtape)

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In Lightness (Mixtape) 55min.

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