My Favorite Films This Decade – John

#1 Gomorrah-

Powerful from the first shot. There’s lots of beauty in this film’s ugly. The plot reminds me of Italian film at its best. Meticulous mese en scene.


#2 2046-

An entrancing dream. Wong Kar Wai makes some of my favorite fantasies in cinema, and this is his best. He has a shocking command of visual and music. Tony Leung…


#3 The New World-

The cinematography is so engrossing and poetic you almost forget about the story. The drama more than lives up to it though.


#4 Syriana-

So underrated. The best thriller of the decade. So multi-layered it puts you off-balance. Intelligent in all the best ways, and ahead of the curve politically. And it’s brave enough to have scenes in mall parking lots where nothing explodes.


#5 American Psycho-

It creates it’s own bizarre world that makes so much sense. Hilarious and terrible. So many classic scenes. And C. Bale might have created the decade’s best character.


#6 The Royal Tenenbaums-

Anderson at his peak. No self-doubting here. The soundtrack is simply perfect, the jokes rattle off, and the family melodrama comes off organic, even with all the beautiful artifice.

#7 Wall-E-

Pixar with swagger. Bold and beautiful. A sad film. Much love to Chaplin and Keaton (there’s a ton of old Hollywood in here I don’t know too). And when Wall-E’s flying through space, you’re a sucker for the special effects too.

#8 There Will Be Blood-

Looks incredible, sounds incredible, acted incredibly. You watch it and feel like it’s film at it’s fullest potential.

#9 Talk To Her-

Almadovar has a way of making the simple so layered and make the difficult things in life so airy. A joy to watch every time.

#10 Paranoid Park-

Uses a completely different language. With so many films so bad at depicting the life of a teenager, this film is almost shocking to watch. The beautifully simple plot structure orbits around the crime at the center of the story.

10 more.#11 A Serious Man-

“Accept the mystery” The film knows what to explain and what not to, and I love the Cohens for that. Human because it’s so weird. Much like Fargo in that regard. Their best since it?

#12 Howl’s Moving Castle-

Feels timeless and just so out there. I might have made this story up when I was seven. My favorite Miyazaki because it’s so silly.

#13 The Assassination of Jessie James by the Coward Robert Ford-

Drama that leaves you breathless. A perfect masculinity play. There are only a couple John Wayne films better than this movie.

#14 Adaptation-

Nick Cage. Adaptation is so post-modern that it hurts, but the film saves itself by going all out in the third act. Dark bizarre and funny, but ultimately, a movie with heart.

#15  Lost in Translation-

Pace and subtlety are what make this film great and apparently underrated. It’s nice to see a film both capture moments and work well as a narrative.

#16 I’m Not Scared

#17 Mulholland Dr.

#18 Pineapple Express

#19 No Country For Old Men

#20 The Dark Knight


3 Responses to “My Favorite Films This Decade – John”

  1. I feel ashamed of not having Howls on my list. It gave me a bigger smile than any movie has ever given me in theater.

  2. spectacular list john. I’m stoked to see Paranoid park on there, especially. Oh and Gomorrah just came on instant watch… and I just got home. Havin’ some!

  3. also, W.A’.’s peak was Rushmore. Shame it came that early in his career.

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