Our Daily Bread

Peter Reinhart is pretty awesome. I suppose this post mostly appeals to myself, but what the hell? You guys should start making bread as well!

(btw, thomas, i think bread has become the orange of that dream you once had)

“Bread is a transformational food.”

3 Responses to “Our Daily Bread”

  1. I’m not kidding, everyone, this is (as Kevin puts it), very moving. I’m not even into bread-making, only bread-enjoying, and I found this video to be gripping.

    Kevin showed me this last night, and over a couple beers, the room was silent for much of it. The man is engaging and passionate, and for that much it’s worth watching.

    And it made me hungry, too.

  2. This guy is amazing. And fast as lightning. I miss you Kevin, I’m sorry I haven’t answered your calls lately. I went into hibernation over the last several weeks due to a chronic cough (I think I tore something inside from smoking) that led quickly into a devastating cold. I’ve been a weakened wreck. Let’s talk soon.

  3. no problem thomas. isn’t Peter just the most energetic teddy bear you have ever seen? btw, the end of this video is just more conformation that we need to open “Yeast” in NYC; you bring the beer and i’ll bring the bread. as silly as this might sound, this video actually has strong emotional resonance with me.

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