What Were You Watching?

Yowzers. If you happen to be Richard Brody for the past 10 years, it wasn’t anything I was watching. The New Yorker’s film critic just put out his decade’s list.  Here’s another helpful link for you once you’re done reading the list: Netflix.

2 Responses to “What Were You Watching?”

  1. The comments on Brody’s post are great. It’s a list from a new yorker writer people, do you really think it’s going to be anything by the highest of the high brow?

    Did anyone read his article about the friendship between Truffaut and Godard in which he quotes Truffaut saying he wants to make a movie about Godard called “A Shit is a Shit”? That killed me.

  2. I adore this list. In Praise of Love is one of the most underrated films in a long time. As for The Darjeeling Limited, he is out of his mind.

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