Listen Log 12/1

Last one of the year. What are the logs on your iTunes fire?

6 Responses to “Listen Log 12/1”

  1. Beach House has been good, real good. It may suffer from fatigue. Cock Sparrer and Nobunny have me listening to punk rock again, which is good, and still Smokey Robinson & the Miracles. I also thought the new Devandra wasn’t too bad.

    It’s finally time to listen to Bobby D’s Christmas album, which I’m loving.

  2. Yeah, lots and lots and lots of Beach House. It’s really pretty/pretty incredible. I’ve been listening to that new Real Estate like everyone else and also really liking the side project (Ducktails). Both are good.

    If I am to report (directly) from my itunes statistics, A Sunny Day in Glasgow and The Smiths basically own. The Glasgow album is particularly a favorite of mine.

    btw, Has anyone been listening to The Drums? Their Summertime! EP is a ridiculously good time.

    And I think I’m going to mull some wine with Bobby’s jingle jangles tonight. I almost forgot about that. Good idea John.

  3. Selfishly points out that Real Estate made one of my really early mixtapes! we are just so ahead of you guys on the east coast 😉 They had a nice sound live too.

    i have been really into Wild Beasts. I am hesitant about the Drums. Saw them live. They could become the next Killers. they are fun though.

    Outside of that, Shiv was dead right about Sunny Day in Glasgow. Cheers.

    And, to point out what perhaps might be obvious to everyone else, the Girls album rules.

  4. oh, and although no one here probably cares much, No Ceilings is Wayne’s best mixtape since the Drought 3. shame he will be in jail.

  5. I’m so high I could eat a mutha fuckin star.

  6. i like Beth already.

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