Mucho Gusto with a Pop

Shiv is letting me play on your blog too.  Maybe it’s because he thinks I have good taste, or maybe it’s because we live together.  He said to introduce myself, but I would prefer to post a video about soda pop activism. Think of it as a metaphor for my views on life.

7 Responses to “Mucho Gusto with a Pop”

  1. “the finest bubbles i have ever tasted”

    This guy is a great.

  2. Hi Beth!

    Is that the guy Thomas worked for and hated?

  3. anyone else get a weird hollingshead vibe from this man? weird in the best and worst sense of the word?

  4. kevin, yes.

  5. and uh, i know beth sees these in the fridge all the time. and I do respect this guy’s commentary on energy drinks. In fact, I couldn’t agree more. But, VISO (, this drink i’ve been having for some time equals 3 cups of coffee per (large) can, equally as addictive and quite delish to boot. i’ve had a rough few months and the coffee at work gives me the worst coffetumtum of my life. just thought i’d mention it. Can’t get that shit in new york.

    • while you are right, i would like to thank NY for keeping as much trash as we can out of the city 😉 if you say it is good, i believe you.

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