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A Set of Boccini

Posted in games, italy, san francisco, WEST COAST with tags , on November 23, 2009 by John

The bocce court in Aquatic Park always seemed like one of San Francisco’s best open secrets. There’s a shed in the corner that’s always locked up. If you take a look inside, there are vintage photos of bocce teams past, and some of the most beautiful balls you’ll ever see.

This all led me to wonder if there actually was a bocce community in the City, maybe just below the surface. Thankfully, the Bold Italic, a sort of locals tourist guide, answered the question for me in the best bocce article you’ll read all week.

The answer is not really.

But there are still some hold outs. The best bocce players in the US are in San Francisco, so that’s something.

If you want to see the rules for the official Volo Bocce, they’re here.

And thanks to friend and photog-blogger of all things San Fran, Ashleigh, for the pic.

Le Chabanais

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Le Chabanais

Enjoy. Track List after the…

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