Back to the Present

I’ve talked to you about the LHC before.  There were some worries it’d create a black hole, destroy the earth, ect.  Of course, it turned out those claims were made by a Hawaiian grade school teacher.

This new claim is a bit different.  According to two phisiscists, someone is going back in time and sabotaging the LHC, and they say they have the mathmatical evidence to prove it. They’re claiming that the Higgs boson particle is abhorrent to nature, and therefore someone, or something is trying, and thus far succeding to sabotage the LHC.  There has been everything from freak explosions to terrorist arrests assosiated with the Cern project.  And I didn’t even hear about this on Coast to Coast.  So who know.

You can read about it all here.  There’s even some Cern scientists who say the science is at least valid. Here’s what one of the theorists has to say:

“We already know it is not very likely to be true. If the LHC actually succeeds in discovering the Higgs boson, I guess we will have to think again.”

Here’s hoping.

One Response to “Back to the Present”

  1. ptravisano Says:

    I was at the LHC the other day. This Delorean appeared out of nowhere, and this guy named Marty came out, holding a gas can and a box of matches. He asked me where the control panel was, and when I called security, he ran away.

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