Top 10/50

How are we going to do this? I have Jeff on board. Shall it be New Years? I know Ross and Alex will be here. Who wants to do the math? I am more than welcome to step in. My Mathematics SAT score was through the roof 😉

5 Responses to “Top 10/50”

  1. i want to come but i doubt new years will work, alas (hopin’ for a miracle tho). don’t we all have webcams and stuff?? can’t we have shots all around thru them?

  2. well i don’t mean come to new york. i’m just saying 3 of us will be in one location around that time. webcams? very 21st century. we can definitely do that. i also think we could get the top 50 of the 2000’s out of the way earlier. Everyone else is doing it, right?

  3. i think we should also, one of these days, compose a top 10 albums to ever come out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. It would take some research and the results would likely be decently funny.

  4. a reunion of the infamous chat room is probably in order as well.

  5. agreed with all of the above. my 50’s done. wanna see?

    also, contender for album of the year kevin is probably an album you’d like more than anyone else.

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