AU 09 (Radio Edit)


AU 09 (Radio Edit)

One can consider this mix “autumnal.” I certainly did make it with a warm mug, in a blanket, on a cold night. So: Mull your wine. Fall in love. Fall from a tree. Stare a little bit. This might put you to bed. It may not. Tracklist after the–

1. Julian Lynch – Rancher

2. Sonic Boom – You’re the One

3. Girls – Headache

4. Vladisav Delay – Musta Planeetta

5. Casino vs Japan – Aquarium

6. A Sunny Day in Glasgow – Evil, With Evil, Against Evil

7. Dara Pusrita – To Love Somebody

8. Fox Bat Strategy – You’re the One

9. Starflyer 59 – You Think You’re Radical

10. Ulf Lohmann – My Pazifik

11. Kevin Shields – Are You Awake?

12. Arthur Russell – This is How We Walk on the Moon

13. The Dovers – What Am I Going to Do?

14. Galaxie 500 – Blue Thunder with Sax

15. Angelo Badalamenti – The Nightingale (Vocals by Julee Cruise)

16. Rafael Toral – WF Radio Edit

. . . .


5 Responses to “AU 09 (Radio Edit)”

  1. what makes it a radio edit?

  2. Should’ve mentioned it, forgot. About half was taken off. It was like 2 hours and I figured, to some, unlistenable. Although I’m partial to the lot of songs, I think at this point, it’s tight and CD-Rable.

    Also, we’ve had conversations about how mixtapes are such great things for a drive. I think this one is better suited for bedroom playback. Dim your lamps and open up the windows.

  3. this mix is awesome. the clouds are heavy in los angeles today, so much you can’t tell the different between 9:30 am and 2:30 pm. you forget about those big white letters on the hill and the need to entertain. the music just keeps going on and on and the seconds become hours.

    also, i love seeing the slow infiltration of ben/bryan’s tastes.

  4. The starflyer? Ha, yah. I think Ben and I shared 5 conversations over approximately 9 beers about that band. They’re great.

    And as for Sunny Day Real Estate. They’re actually not the band on this mix. its Sunny Day in Glasgow. And the fault is all mine. It’s a damn good song though.

    I’m glad you like the mix thomas.

  5. This is way better than a brick & mortar esnltaishmetb.

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