Smoking Dope With Pynchon

So I’m reading Pynchon’s new novel – which includes lots of pot – and stumbled upon this. It appears to be fairly legit actually. It is one man’s account of meeting Pynchon in the 60’s (a decade “Tom” is obsessed with, as you might know) and smoking a fat joint. It’s really not that interesting unless you are one of those people who adores the very silly shenanigans surrounding Pynchon’s anonymity. Read if you are are one of those folk…

Dope With Big T.P.

2 Responses to “Smoking Dope With Pynchon”

  1. guy seems like a burnout to me.

    is the book good. i saw that trailer online and i was intrigued.

    ha, book trailers.

  2. Great, if you like TP-Lite. Its Lebowski meets Pynchon. If you like that idea, in text form, you should definitely give it a go. it’s hilarious.

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