Twice Now?

Let’s look at the state of things.  2009 in music.  I’m in the camp that there hasn’t been a great album yet this year.  A lot of musicians I love have come out with albums. Many of them have been good.  But everyone of them, from Akron/Family to Zoot Woman, hasn’t been able to keep my attention for very long.  It’s a good year for new bands with cool new sounds, but I wouldn’t put them in any pantheon just yet.

Anyways this is all leading up to me saying I really like this album.  It’s catchy, grown up pop.  The production, done by Studio, is immaculate.  It all sounds so effortless.  I listened to it 4 times the first day I got it.  Better than every other new album I’ve put on here this year, besides, maybe, my favorite album from a couple days ago.  It’s nice to see 2009 turning around, even if it is a little late.


El Perro del Mar – Love Is Not Pop

15 Responses to “Twice Now?”

  1. ironically or not, i think the one record from this year i might categorize as great isn’t original in the slightest or even complex.

  2. i’ll bite. what is it kev?

  3. studio rules so im stoked. yearbook #1’s one of hte best of the decade. although, reup on warm heart?

  4. just heard. beautiful, but album of the year? i think i may side with kevin here. who knows, it’s been just one listen.

  5. Now look carefully. I didn’t say that. I said that this one’s de facto for now. There have been many albums I’ve thrown at the wall this year, and this is the one that stuck. And I know it’s subjective.

  6. btw, just found the very best. it’s fucking great.

  7. typewritermender Says:

    Gotta say, I was excited cause I need some good 09ers. But wasn’t all that impressed. Sounded more or less like a shittier Broadcast.

  8. The albums and mixes you boys post keep me sane and sometimes glad. Thanks babies.

  9. John, have you heard xx? Might end up bein, for me, one of the ‘bums of the yr. It’s similar. I wish I had a link for ya. It’s like gvb or kaput lately.

  10. you’re right about the xx album being similar (and even pretty good), but neither of these two excite (in the specific way in which they are trying to) me very much.

  11. i guess polished is the word that comes to mind for XX. very polished.

  12. yeah. polished for sure. after a few listens to el perro, i agree again: good album. however, i like studio’s solo “instrumental” stuff best. btw, ive been putting together a top 50/00s list lately after some drunky conversations with my friend ben up here. should we make a blog event out of it?

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