The Biggest Garage on the Block

Greg Cartwright and the Reigning Sound just put out their third album last week. If Time Bomb High School was soul, and Too Much Guitar was garage, Love and Curses is their 80’s rock album.  Some late Dylan, Costello and Springsteen sneak their way in.  Seeing how Cartwright is a garage rock god, you should listen to it.

And if that weren’t exciting enough,  here’s a two hour radio show where Greg brings in some of his 45s.  The guy’s also a famous record nerd, so getting to take a peek into his crates is a rare treat.  It’s all cut up into individual mp3s so you can just get it for the music. Spectacular americana the entire way through. This via the geniuses/sweaty dorks at Atease. Part 1 & Part 2


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