Let the Sun Go Down On You

let the sun go down on youJust as the title insinuates the obvious sexual overtones, so do the titles of the songs elicit a high level of disparity. This is a “sad” mix of songs that are best received when the sun is setting and you’re thinking about beautiful things, lazy things; but likewise, thinking about endings, death, night, fucking, shit, piss. Some songs were inspired by listening to them with dear friends while nearing the twilight hour, some were inspired by periods of extreme and uncontrollable anxiety. Yes, there are some cool foot-tapping sing-along numbers to keep things from stream-lining …


1. Mathilde – Scott Walker

2. Crazy to Exist – Josef K

3. Tunnelvision – Here We Go Magic

4. When I Go Deaf – Low

5. Old Panda Days – CFTPA (w/ Nick Krgovich)

6. Trouser Minnow – Rapeman

7. Diamonds In The Mine – Leonard Cohen

8. I Don’t Belong To Anyone – Bonnie “Prince” Billy

9. You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere – Bob Dylan & The Band

10. Slewfoot – Clutch Mountain Boys

11. Crippled Inside – John Lennon

12. I Had to Tell You – The 13th Floor Elevators

13. Another World – Antony & the Johnsons


6 Responses to “Let the Sun Go Down On You”

  1. playlist is stellar. i can’t wait.

  2. I don’t know how to download this.

  3. yeah, same.

  4. sorry, i forgot to .zip the darn’d thing. try it now.

  5. there we go. downloading it now.

  6. big thumbs up. the first track is amazing.

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