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Twice Now?

Posted in 2009, LOTW, music on August 28, 2009 by John

Let’s look at the state of things.  2009 in music.  I’m in the camp that there hasn’t been a great album yet this year.  A lot of musicians I love have come out with albums. Many of them have been good.  But everyone of them, from Akron/Family to Zoot Woman, hasn’t been able to keep my attention for very long.  It’s a good year for new bands with cool new sounds, but I wouldn’t put them in any pantheon just yet.

Anyways this is all leading up to me saying I really like this album.  It’s catchy, grown up pop.  The production, done by Studio, is immaculate.  It all sounds so effortless.  I listened to it 4 times the first day I got it.  Better than every other new album I’ve put on here this year, besides, maybe, my favorite album from a couple days ago.  It’s nice to see 2009 turning around, even if it is a little late.


El Perro del Mar – Love Is Not Pop


In Circe’s Arms

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In Circe's Arms

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Captain Kirk is Climbing a Mountain

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LOTW – The Very Best

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The Very Best – Warm Heart of Africa

If you haven’t heard Esau Mwamwaya, I’d be surprised.  He’s done a very good job getting his name out on the blogs.  He makes songs with M.I.A., Vamp Weekend and Architecture in Helsinki.  Then he put out a free album mixtape last year with Radioclit (they call themselves the Very Best).   Today we have the album.  I’m listening to it right now and I got to say it has real album of the year potential.  It’s that good.

Not sure?  Check out Chalo after the jump, and then download it, ok?


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Let the Sun Go Down On You

Posted in 2009, A Put It Up Summer, death, los angeles, mixtape on August 17, 2009 by Thomas

let the sun go down on youJust as the title insinuates the obvious sexual overtones, so do the titles of the songs elicit a high level of disparity. This is a “sad” mix of songs that are best received when the sun is setting and you’re thinking about beautiful things, lazy things; but likewise, thinking about endings, death, night, fucking, shit, piss. Some songs were inspired by listening to them with dear friends while nearing the twilight hour, some were inspired by periods of extreme and uncontrollable anxiety. Yes, there are some cool foot-tapping sing-along numbers to keep things from stream-lining …


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The Biggest Garage on the Block

Posted in America, music with tags , on August 17, 2009 by John

Greg Cartwright and the Reigning Sound just put out their third album last week. If Time Bomb High School was soul, and Too Much Guitar was garage, Love and Curses is their 80’s rock album.  Some late Dylan, Costello and Springsteen sneak their way in.  Seeing how Cartwright is a garage rock god, you should listen to it.

And if that weren’t exciting enough,  here’s a two hour radio show where Greg brings in some of his 45s.  The guy’s also a famous record nerd, so getting to take a peek into his crates is a rare treat.  It’s all cut up into individual mp3s so you can just get it for the music. Spectacular americana the entire way through. This via the geniuses/sweaty dorks at Atease. Part 1 & Part 2

Street Views

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The whole world, captured once.

Ludicrous as it seems, that’s the goal of Google Street View.  And in it’s artless way, it somewhat does capture the human experience.  Don’t believe me? Look at some of these guys. The accompanying article has a bunch of good ideas, but it also has an excessive amount of bullshit.  Take it for what it is, and enjoy it.