90 Minutes

dogfish head

While some might frown upon the method of immitating commercial recipes, others may see it as a sign of respect. Two months ago I attempted to compete with those “off-centered” brewers from Delaware and came out with something pretty tasty. While the water is still a touch too sharp, the body too dark, the head too big and not creamy enough — it’s still a terrific drink.

Lots of hop supported by a very round malt flavor and some unexpected flashes of citrus at the end of the gulp. The one major thing I changed was using Summit and Galena hops instead of the Simcoe and Warrior which are rather difficult to come by due to the micro’s & macro’s monopoly on the farms and rysomes.

Next up: Belgian Golden Ale (using a cultivated yeast strain from Chouffe)

4 Responses to “90 Minutes”

  1. is yours the one on the right? it looks damn impressive.

  2. yeah, mine are the two on the outside. the yeast exploded out of the bucket during fermentation but they still turned out really well. if i had a job and disposable income, i’d send you one by mail … but i have neither.

  3. on another note: i’ve always thought dogfish head had awful bottle art. anyone?

  4. yeah, you’re right. their basic photo background of the barley grains are pretty unimaginative. however the artwork for burton baton and the barley wine is good. but maybe i just have a disposition for any imagery surrounding old cowboys.

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