I Know You Got Soul – Part 1


I Know You Got Soul Disc 1

Disc one of this jumbo sized mixtape is the original.  I made it a couple years ago, and with a couple tweaks, it’s harder, better, faster, ect.

Disc one is bookended with two of my favorite songs in any genre, “Didn’t I” by Bay Area legend Darondo, and the Stax classic “I’ve Been Lonely For So Long.” It also has my favorite Otis Redding ballad, “Tell It Like It Is” (and yeah, I do like it better than “Tenderness” or “Too Long”).  “Gimmie Little Sign” will get stuck in your head for the rest of your life, and the piano line in “Too Hurt to Cry” (by my first lady of soul, Candi Staton) is just a monster.

There’s just too much good stuff.  That’s why part two is coming next week.

One Response to “I Know You Got Soul – Part 1”

  1. does this mean i can post another mixtape for no good reason? i’ve had a yen to do so for some time. good stuff btw. the second great thing to come from john in a few days. the cocktail being the first.

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