Titus Andronicus @ Glasslands – 7/09/09

Tonight, Titus Andronicus put on a Brooklyn Special (free show, free colt 45 and a somewhat DIY venue). The results were fairly mixed. I kind of wished that the lead singer was anyone in the band but himself. Dealing with shout outs to his girlfriend (?) and a lot of other things that were too sober for a band bold enough to take this title was rough. They hit the spot on the songs you would expect them to – Titus Andronicus, My Time Outside the Womb and Fear and Loathing in Mahwah, NJ.

Apart from that, I recommend seeing them as an opener. Paying for them alone seems a little steep. They sound good (great at times), but they do not match their moniker. This show should have been a reverie  but ended up feeling ever so slightly snooty. I was willing to forgive the fairly weak referencing/quoting if they brought the noise. They did, at times, but overall I was glad I didn’t pay anything for the show.

P.S. – The So So Glos, who opened, were really really fun live.

BTW – why is this the first post in almost a week? Put it up people!

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