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Uh Oh, Another Greatest Films List

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Roger Ebert (who I’ll say again, has one of the best blogs on the internet) came out in defense of greatest films lists today.  He started off by showing some love for the Sight & Sound poll, put out every 10 years and made up of lists by the most influential critics and directors of the day, and ends by printing the new poll by the British mag, the Spectator.  The new list is on his blog and is topped by Night of the Hunter, a film I enjoyed, but didn’t love.  I’ll have to watch it again.

Calling attention to the unappreciated is what Ebert likes about these lists and criticism in general, and I think he’s got something there.  I’ll let him say it.

Any list of great films helps breaks the hammer-lock of box office performance that grips too many American moviegoers. I can’t tell you how many people responded to my attack on “Transformers” by telling me how much money the movie was grossing, as if that had the slightest relevance. A great movie acts like a window in our box of space and time, opening us to other times and other lands. The more windows we open, the better.

Anyways, feel free to discuss the list here, and please do look at the Sight & Sound list, and it’s progression. It’s just about as fascinating as anything.

LOTW – Neon Indian

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Neon Indian – Psychic Chasms (2009)

I haven’t listened to it yet, but this guy makes my kind of music, so I’m sure it’s fine.  Happy summer, everybody!

“This is pretty much the suavest thing to come outta Dallas since Thomas Bailey.  It’s perfect for pools, patios and pre-gaming.”

-Shivie K

IKYGS Part II – The Return

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I Know You Got Soul Disc II

Here’s what is.  I said last week that disc one has two of my favorite songs ever on it, utter classics.  Disc two does not.  That’s not to say that every song on here isn’t great, because they are.  In fact, disc two is a stronger tape all the way through.  Let me tell you about just a few of the tracks on here.

The Miracles and Motown’s best(?) track, ‘The Tracks Of My Tears’ starts us off.  You have the gargantuan Pattie LaBelle version of ‘Take Me For a Little While’ and ‘Baby, You’re Right,’ proof  JB had it even before ‘Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag.’  Then there’s the cheesy/great strings of Jackie Edwards’ Caribbean soul. My favorite Sam Cooke song is on here as well as Lee Dorsey, New Orleans’ own one of a kind legend.  And it all wraps up with a live cut so good, I feel lucky just to have the mp3.

Tracks below… Continue reading

Ramona! Ramona!

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lonesome cowboys

When I was a younger man I remember seeing strange disintegrated clips of Warhol talking with his mother. I remember them making me feel very upset, sad, scared and depressed. I believe it was these few clips that continued my skepticism of his art into my college years. I couldn’t wrap my head around his humor and thought it to be too spiteful, cold and heartless.

However, after seeing Viva’s amazing performance in Agnes Varda’s Lions Love I stumbled across Lonesome Cowboys. My initial interest was merely in Viva but soon into the film I realized the skill behind Warhol’s genuine balance of heartfelt emotion and playful humor towards his characters and their representations.

He spins the idea of the western film on its head in such a loopy way that it’s hard to decide where to draw the line between the characters and performers, where man ends and woman begins or who is the backwoods “whooer” and the renegade “whurgin.” This is a hilarious yet extremely sharp study of the western genre and it’s associations with manhood through deliberately amateur techniques. And let’s not forget who holds the pen (sexual pun intended) behind the story, but Mr. Morrissey himself.

PS – Ben, I would be forever indebted if you could track down a torrent of Lions Love. So far I’ve been unsuccessful.

Soviet literature

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I’ve recently adopted Soviet literature. It makes for quite the pet. Soviet authors are absolutely hilarious, true to their culture’s literary past and, in general, fucking awesome. Sometimes their stories are just as interesting as the books they wrote (which often saw publication decades after they were written or were smuggled into foreign countries before their manuscripts were destroyed by “The Right Place”). I thought that this gem of a website was too comprehensive not to share, although I doubt anyone’s enthusiasm about this kind of stuff can meet the fever pitch mine has.

90 Minutes

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dogfish head

While some might frown upon the method of immitating commercial recipes, others may see it as a sign of respect. Two months ago I attempted to compete with those “off-centered” brewers from Delaware and came out with something pretty tasty. While the water is still a touch too sharp, the body too dark, the head too big and not creamy enough — it’s still a terrific drink.

Lots of hop supported by a very round malt flavor and some unexpected flashes of citrus at the end of the gulp. The one major thing I changed was using Summit and Galena hops instead of the Simcoe and Warrior which are rather difficult to come by due to the micro’s & macro’s monopoly on the farms and rysomes.

Next up: Belgian Golden Ale (using a cultivated yeast strain from Chouffe)

A Couple Wows

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mem cassette

Memory Cassette has put out a free remix EP and every track on there is incredible.  Her debut EP was also given out for free and is on the internet somewhere.


These two illustrations (yes, about aliens) are worth checking out for their wow factor as well.