LotW II – YACHT – See Mystery Lights

YACHT – See Mystery Lights (2009)

So, a few weeks ago when I first heard YACHT’s new single “Psychic City” (which opens up my summer mix), I knew that I had a good thing coming. After hearing some of their older releases though, my anticipation was a little sapped. They seemed overly ambitious and childish. But then I heard their new record, See Mystery Lights. It’s quite possibly the most fun, optimistic set of songs I’ve heard since Merriweather this year. While some of the songs provide solace for those overly fascinated with death and the afterlife, others touch on disillusioned youth, living in big cities, suffering from ineffable bouts of boredom. And then, other songs simply provide some good advice: “Protect your eyes. Be careful when downloading. Protect your eyes” (This advice, it seems, cleverly refers to this particular release itself).

It sounds like The Blow meets Hot Chip (on some level) but I don’t want to boil it down to others’ terms, of course. YACHT’s got an affable and confident voice of their own and they’ve put together a good record. Plus, their from Portland REPRESENT! There’s a foottapper on here for everybody.


2 Responses to “LotW II – YACHT – See Mystery Lights”

  1. So I finally listened to this album after having Jona Bechtolt pique my interest from the marvelous tracks you and Nick smartly selected for your seasonal mixtapes. I listened to it while embarking on a near-sunset bike ride (down Sunset Blvd, none-the-less) from the north side of LA down to Little Tokyo for an oh-so-LA-vegan-Japan-cuisine dinner.

    You’re right Shiv, after hearing one of their earlier albums back at the beginning of the decade I could have easily discredited them for good. But “See Mystery Lights” has a tremendous ability to balance a sensitive attention to death and all the other dark spots of existence with a confidence attitude and “foottapping” beat. However, the latter-most point is exactly what keeps me from going as far as to say that it’s genius. There are many points in the album where I feel that it’s too exclusive to the audiences of weekend dance floors (having a remix attached to the album doesn’t help either).

    However, I don’t want to seem to be discrediting the whole shebang. The album begins incredibly strong, it just teeters near the end. They know how to establish a story or theme and then disperse into purely sonic tangents. I love their themes of trying to reinvent the self (partly) due to “ineffable bouts of boredom” and engaging ideas of the afterlife/death to ongoing terms for the living to remain engaged with. Your comparison to Hot Chip is smart. Both artists are trying to provide substance to an audience and music genre that is typically known for flimsy themes.

    Regardless, everything time I hear the line “I might be washing out the dishes / and the kitchen might say / hang around baby, baby … we’ll be baking a cake for you.” I can’t help but be dragged into deep memories of the The Cabin-life.

  2. even with all my raving above–I couldn’t agree more. And I was going to mention that this album does contain a remix, and does subscribe to that “scene” without any meat. But, after listening to the album again…those themes introduced in the beginning are strong enough to linger into the longer, latter tracks. It’s no genius, but its certainly a good effort. I love your comments. They’re so thoughtful. I love you. Now get your ass over here.

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